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Recently, a debate started on the internet and social media about books trigger warnings and as a whole in every type of content. Some support the presence of trigger warnings so that readers can choose according to their taste and tolerance level. However, there are many who think of trigger warnings as  spoilers. Still, I believe trigger warnings in books are really important for a good experience. There are things that one may consider normal but others may not. 

Trigger warning refers to those warnings that suggest presence of imagery, scenes, words that can trigger anxiety, pain, periodic episodes of stress or can affect a person’s mental health. For instance, sexual or mental abuse, violence, racism etc Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With US include trigger warning of violence.Thanks to the author that she had mentioned it. 

Though people can argue and can bring convincing arguments in support of not mentioning the trigger warnings, I would never ever recommend any author to not write or even readers to go without knowing the trigger warnings of the book. We should always ,first do some research to know where we are at the right headspace to read it or not. Unconsciously, it can cause an effect on a person’s mental health. Besides, we all know books have greater influence on us, it may influence our behavior or attitudes in different ways. It’s really important in today’s modern world to inform the readers about trigger warnings.

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Websites to find trigger warning of books

As writers and readers are advancing more, the presence of trigger warnings is becoming more and more common. However, there are still some books whose front or back page does not include trigger warnings. But if you are the kind of reader who would like to know about them before getting into any book, then don’t worry, we have got you. We have listed down different ways through which you can find trigger warnings of the book. 

1.Common Sense Media 

A best website to find every kind of trigger. A great help for parents, too. The book reviews present on the website include everything about the book. Besides there are different categories like presence of violence, smoking, drugs, sexual activity, etc, and they are rated by the viewers accordingly. In addition, you will find the age preference too, who can read and who cannot. You can even read further about the presence of a specific trigger. It can give you full detail. Highly recommended. 


Goodreads gives all necessary information about the book like author, themes, and general information. But you can find the trigger warnings in terms of categories. Every book is placed in a  certain category. Similarly, thanks to readers, they provide good reviews which for most part covers the trigger warnings. Other than that, you can check the question answers section. Moreover, you can even ask questions related to trigger warnings.

3.Does the Dog Die

It is a website where you can find out about the trigger warning by searching about the trigger that can be a potential trigger for you, in a specific book. It includes a variety of warnings, not just a few. You can request for a new one. Further, they can help you become aware of the triggers that you are not aware of. 

4 Trigger Warning Database

As compared to other websites, this one helps you find out the trigger warnings by filling a form. It not only helps you to know  about  a trigger warning in a certain book but can also help you find a variety of books without a specific trigger warning. In contrast to other websites, this one is a little difficult to work with but a good one to find trigger warnings in books. 

5 Book Trigger Warnings

As the name suggests, it is another source to find out about potential trigger warnings in a book for you. You can search for a specific book or can look for books without a particular trigger warning. The good point about this website is that even if it does not have a specific book, you can create your account and make a page of that book. Later on, people who have read it, will help you find out.

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Friends and family can also help you find trigger warnings, too. But always remember, that there can be something a trigger for you but not for others, and vice versa. It depends on the person. Similarly, it’s a good practice to know and one should always do some research before reading a book. Hope the given sources help you. 


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