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All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover is such a prodigious book. A perfect book to release all your pent up emotions. Heartbreaking, it keeps on digging until it reaches the very roots of your heart. Reading All Your Perfects is like scratching your wounds for satisfaction while causing pain at the same time. It’s a story of every human being longing for that perfect ideal life which we are certain we are not gonna have. 

Looking for happiness in perfectionism, All Your Perfect exposes and analyzes the very concept of happy life associated with idealism. An emotional, raw, and satisfactory read, Colleen Hoover provides a realistic view of life and our relationships. I mean everyone should go through this incredible read before getting into any relationship. It may sound a little  pessimistic but for most part is pain and misery, life does not always go by your side, life demands great support and courage. 

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In such a tense life we all need to be all perfect but someone who can feel and understand our pain. Similarly, it’s not an exaggerated dramatic read rather as simple and complex life is. There are three main things that I learned from it, and I would highly recommend it. Those three things are the importance of communication in relationships, perfectionism lies in imperfectionism of life, and to be happy you don’t need to be perfect. It is very different from the rest of Colleen Hoover romantic novels. You will remember it forever.

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The story opens with Graham and Quinn, husband and wife, first encounter or how they met for the first time. The story progresses through flashbacks between then and now. Graham and Quinn both love each other but at the same time are unsatisfied with their relationship. Without spoiling the story,  the story revolves around circumstances which make them almost  give up on their marriage, especially Quin. 

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However, there is much more to the story. Through Quinn’s love story,  Colleen Hoover explains what happens when our expectations are shattered. The story is interesting and relatable at many levels. Though you won’t see any spicy exaggeration, the story captures all your attention. Above all, plot construction is all balanced.

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No matter how much I appreciate the story line and its relevance, it cannot do the justice it deserves. Similarly, all the characters are realistic, though Quinn  by many reviewers was a bit annoying at certain  instances. However, for me her circumstances justifies her situation. It was all balanced and perfect. Besides, this time I didn’t see any tiresome narrations, either. Everything was just in place and relevant. I don’t find any reason why someone should not read it. I am sure everyone will learn something from it, one way or the other. 


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