10 best non-fiction conspiracy books

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We all believe in conspiracies, one way or another. To debunk a conspiracy, you have to believe in another one.The whole world is running through a network of conspiracies. World’s great events and incidents are full of conspiracies. It is just that you have to look for the more logical one. If you are looking for some nonfiction books which can help you understand conspiracies behind the world’s tragic events or how conspiracies work and affect people, then you have  come to the perfect place. Let’s embark on the journey of exploring the best non-fiction conspiracy books.


1. Anticipation, The Open Conspiracy, The New World Order by H.G. Wells

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages : 350

Publication date: Sep 15, 2017

H.G.Wells is not only famous for his time travel books but also for his thought provoking non fiction conspiracy books. Anticipation, The Open Conspiracy, The World New Order- explains how we can establish a peaceful world, where we have freedom and control of our lives. First, H.G.Wells elaborates on the present crisis of human societies and his idea of open conspiracy. The rest of the book includes the development of the new world.The author also debunks other ideas of conspiracies and presents a new idea i.e The Open Conspiracy which can help in developing new world


2. The Big Book of Conspiracies by Doug Moench

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 223

Publication date: Sep1, 1995

The Big Book of Conspiracies is a fascinating read that covers history’s all big conspiracies. From John Kennedy’s assassination to Martin Luther King’s death, it covers major conspiracies that the majority of people believe in.Its humor makes it more entertaining and less boring. It is informative both for beginners and refreshers. In addition, it has an exemplary bibliography.


3. Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect by Mick West

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages :312

Publication date: June 2, 2020

There are people around us who are die-hard fans of conspiracies. Some of which are seriously problematic. Mick West’s Escaping the Rabbit Hole is a helping guide that helps in constructively debunking  false conspiracies. It gives you technical, practical, and logical arguments. With the help of well known conspiracies, it explains the psychological factors involved in working of conspiracies. It is great for those who want to understand how a conspiracy develops, affects people, and how it can be debunked.

4. The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups: The 100 Most Terrifying Conspiracies of All Time by John E. Lewis

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 240

Publication date: March 3, 2008

John E. Lewis in his book, The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups  provides 100 famous conspiracies including Diana’s death and  attack on 9/11. All the cover ups provided for the  conspiracies are well researched and all the sources are mentioned. The information provided is factual and thought provoking. Besides, it does not take sides and let the readers  judge on the basis of given facts. It is a good start for a beginner to delve into the world of conspiracies.


5. The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies–Their Influence and Power in World History by Michael Howard  

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 208

Publication date : August 1, 1989

 Michael Howard in The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies explores the occult influence in different times of history. Their effect on ancient Egypt’s politics, social.,religious life to the present time. The occult societies like freesman, Knights Templar, and illuminati that we apparently know, how conspires and influence the world. The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies gives factual insight of these societies not on the world but also on an individual. 


6. The Conspiracy Book: A Chronological Journey through Secret Societies and Hidden Histories by John Michael 

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 224

Publication date: January 8, 2019

If you want to read about secret societies and their influence on the world in a more systematic and comprehensible way, then  John Michael’s The Conspiracy Book is definitely for you. It includes explanations of 100 mysterious conspiracies. From tables of content to illustrations, it gives you clear and accurate  information about all conspiracies. Similarly, from their development to their relevance to each other, it gives description of each and every conspiracy


7. None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and  Larry Abraham

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 160

Publication date: January 30, 2013

None Dare Call it Conspiracy will change your whole view on how world’s works. The book explains the conspiracies of elite insiders who are trying to take control of all humankind and establish a new order in the world. It has remained and is still a very controversial book. It may seem a little dated but, keeping in view the present world, it is still relatable.


8. The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Decoding History’s Unsolved Mysteries by Brad Meltzer and Keith Ferrell

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 224

Publication date: November 10, 2020

The 10 Greatest Stories of All Time presents the world’s most famous controversies in the most provocative way. Every controversy in the book starts with a big question and is then answered by analyzing it. From leonardo da Vinci storm prophecy to kennedy’s assassination, it gives in depth analysis of great controversies. Its  fascinating illustration will keep you hooked till the end of the book. It is an easy read and best for those who are interested in understanding controversies.


9. Conspiracy Theories: A Compendium of History’s Greatest Mysteries and More Recent Cover-Ups  by Jamie King 

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages : 320

Publication date: October 10, 2020 

If you are looking for a short summary analysis  of some great controversies then Jamie King’s  Conspiracy Theories is good for you. It includes the conspiracy of past and present too. From Osama Bin Laden and Bruce Lee’s death to the disappearance of flight MH370 , it provides all covers of the occasions. Kings does not draw any conclusion in this book rather let the reader decide which side to take.


10. Hoax: Hitler’s Diaries, Lincoln’s Assassins, and Other Famous Frauds Hardcover  by Edward Steers Jr.

best non-fiction conspiracy booksPages: 248

Publication date :April 1, 2013

Edward Steer Jr.’s Hoax explores six great fraudes of history. What makes them believable that they were accepted world wide. The book explains how misinformed we are and how deliberately  we are misinformed. It compels you to observe, analyze, and then decide. It is good for those who are interested in fabricated evidence by Doug Moench  (Author)


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