8 best nonfiction magic books

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Magic fascinates both children and adults. Children look for fun and entertainment in it, and adults may be looking for a solution to their problems. Some consider magic to be real while others consider it to be delusion.  In the course of history, the word magic  has been defined and described differently. It has also remained one of the intriguing subjects of books. Just like the subject of conspiracy, there have been many books about magic.

 A  number of writers have attempted to elaborate on the subject. If  you are looking for a book that can enhance your knowledge of magic then this list of 8 best nonfiction magic books given below is for you. From its foundation to use, you will find a variety of books that will upgrade you about magic.

1. The Lesser Key of Solomon by Joseph H. Peterson 

8 best nonfiction magic books July 17, 2001

320 pages

There will be hardly any practicing magician who would have not read Joseph’s The Lesser Key of Solomon. Joseph in his book gives accurate and complete details of building Solomon’ s temple by demons and spirits. It also teaches the rituals for summoning demons and spirits.the book includes 72 demons profiles and descriptions. Highly illustrated, the sources given are authentic. It is the most famous and influential book among nonfiction magic books. It will be more helpful for those who are already into magic. 


2. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (Dover Occult) by S. L. MacGregor Mathers  

8 best nonfiction magic booksJune 1, 1975

336 pages

Originally, The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage was written around the 15th century by a jewish mystic Abraham Von Worms. He was looking for power and knowledge around the world and found it in Egypt. He founded it in the form of Abramelin the Mage, who taught him a purification ritual, leading him to control a demon and command him. The book explains all the magical rituals of controlling a demon practiced by the Mage. It is a great book for historians interested in the evolution of witchcraft. The Abramelin rituals maynot be practical and outdated, however, it is an insightful and entertaining read about magic.


3. Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson  

8 best nonfiction magic books February 23, 2017

276 pages

Thomas Karlsson’s Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic provides a great introduction to the world of magic.  Kabbalah is the jewish mystical system known for its great influence. Its root lies deep in Babylonian magic. Karlsson in this book explains the good and bad sides of Qabalah, Qliphotic and Goetic magic. You will find a treasure of knowledge about those magics and all theories related to them. It is a good dive for beginners into magic, however, its complex style makes it a little hard for beginners.


4. Liber Null & Psychonaut: An introduction to Chaos Magic by Peter J. Carroll 

8 best nonfiction magic books January 1, 1987

224 pages

Chaos magic is also known as postmodern magic. It is a combination of all traditional magic, taking in useful practices and excluding unnecessary rituals. Carroll being a part of occultist organizations, teaches techniques and rituals to achieve great worldly success.It includes selection of highly powerful rituals and exercises for committed occultists.It can be a great start for beginners to chaos magic.

5. Introduction to Magic: Rituals and Practical Techniques for the Magus by Julius Evola  UR Group , Renato Del Ponte 

8 best nonfiction magic booksJune 7, 2001

416 pages

Introduction to Magic is a book co-authored by Julius Evola and UR group.  Group was a secret society in italy. The book investigates Western and Eastern magical systems and their influence. The physical and mental challenges involved in it. The book comprises different magical theories and practices. In addition , there are a number of aspiring magical pictures. The writers also give some practical advice for newbies in the magical world.

6. The Book of Black Magic by A. E. Waite 

8 best nonfiction magic booksMarch 30, 2004

328 pages

The Book of Black Magic by A.E.Waite gives a general overview of back magic. It explains black magic as understood by some famous grimoires centuries ago like Grimoire of  Honorius, Little Albert, and Pope. It includes rites, mysteries of Goetic theurgy, and sorcery.  The book is highly historical and informative. High quality illustration makes it more fascinating for a modern reader.

7. The History of Magic and Experimental Science V12 by Lynn Thorndike 

8 best nonfiction magic books May 23, 2010

706 pages

Lyn Thorndike in The History of Magic and Experimental Science explains the history of magic along with experimental science and their relationship with christian thought, in the early thirteenth centuries of our age. It is a whole series of more than twelve books. The writer in these series attempts to prove the relation between magic and science.

8. The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order by Israel Regardie, John Michael Greer 

8 best nonfiction magic booksJanuary 8, 2016

960 pages

The Golden Dawn is a famous and influential book about magic theory and practice. It has everything that a passionate magician needs. It gives complete details about  magic practices, excluding no information. It trains you in developing magical rituals and tools. It consists of illustrations, original manuscripts, new designs, and typography. It can serve as a great referential book for occult students. It is good for both beginners and refreshers

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