Best Poetry collections of 2022    

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“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for” ( Mr. Keating , Dead Poets Society) 

I love this quote from the movie Dead Poets Society.Poetry is what we live for or maybe what makes us stay alive.Being humans,we have passions,emotions,and feelings.We often say “I cannot express my emotions in words or how am I feeling” but I think poetry can.Poetry can exactly convey your feelings in the best possible way ever.

Poetry, like a stream of water, channels out all your emotions.From romance and love to cruelties and hardships of life, poetry is all about life. Writing poetry is as much a pleasure as reading it. We all vary in circumstances but not in emotions, and its poetry which through emotions combines all humans in unity.
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For me, poetry is one of the ways to connect with others and feel your existence. Around the globe, a number of poetry collections have been published this year and the more you crave to read them, the more you can’t. 

Though I have tried to prepare the list of the best poetry collections  of 2022 , it was really difficult to choose from all the collections. Don’t worry, this list of best poetry collections of 2022 includes collections which are more relevant and appealing to all of us.However, your taste can be different. Still I would like you to dive in this sea of amazing poetry collections 2022 and pick your favorite ones. You can thank me later. 

Best Poetry collections of 2022    

1)  All the Flowers Kneeling by Paul Tran

Best Poetry collections of 2022        It’s not only my favorite but it has also been the choice of  A New York Times  Review Editors. Deeply touching, All the Flowers by Paul Tran is about the reality of our society today’s society; physical and emotional abuse,  trauma, and poverty. Through narrative lyrics it takes you to the core realities of life. It will completely transform you. Everyone should read it, not just as a poetry collection but to know and feel the bitter realities of life. 



2)  Ask the Brindled: Poems by No‘u Revilla

Best Poetry collections of 2022        Ask the Brindled, Debut work of No’u Revilla is about pain  and grief forced upon indigenous people. Through myths and storytelling, Revilla leashes about queer love and pain. Besides, it has a spelling effect, it will make your heart cry.  For me, poetry is one of the ways to provide voice to those who are being silenced and Revilla has exactly done the same thing in her collection Ask the Brindled. 



3) Alive at the End of the World by Saeed Jones

Best Poetry collections of 2022        Alive at the End of the World by Saeed Jones is about the apocalypses that we face everyday. The pain, the trauma that we suffer from everyday especially, if you are not a white man. Similarly, how normal it has become. Touching upon the deaths of Cecily Tyson, Little Richard, and Toni Morrison, Saeed Jones through lyrics tries to awaken the readers about the injustices but who cares.



4) As She Appears by Shelly Wong

Best Poetry collections of 2022        As She Appears by Shelly Wong is such a pleasure and delight to read. Starting with the poem For the Living in the New World, As She Appears  is all about women. Women who transformed themselves and their environment. It is about women who stood strong, who utilized art and beauty in bringing change. It gives you hope and encouragement and I think every woman should read it, once in life. 

5) Golden Ax by Rio Cortez

Best Poetry collections of 2022        Golden Ax by Rio Cortez is a masterpiece inspired by Rio’s own family history of Afropioneers in America. It includes political, social, and artistic poems.  Aiming at the future west, Rio in her poems re- creates west with freedom for everyone particularly black women. What The future would  look like, freedom reigning everywhere.  It was one of my favorites and I always wanted to put it in my list of best poetry collections.

6) Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking by C.T. Salazar

Best Poetry collections of 2022        Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking is a wonderful use of words and language. Full of splendid Imagery and language, all poems are appealing. The poems reflect on faith in religion, desire to love and to be loved. Divided into four parts, this collection of poetry takes you into complete awe. I  really enjoyed reading it and I am sure you too will.



7)  Girls That Never Die  by Safia Elhillo

poetry 2022This one is  my personal favorite. It speaks about something really near to my heart. It speaks about the taboos, shame, and violence attached to girls and women. Similarly, what it means to get liberated from all of them. Mainly written from a Muslim girl’s experience, it is a wholesome read. I would highly recommend girls especially,  to read it. 


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8)  Magnolia by Nina Mingya Powles

poetry collections 2022“Oh, there’s always so much to be lovesick for / when seasons change: green birdcages” full of such lyrics, Mongolia by Nina is a very refreshing read.  From food to art  and culture to films, it explores girlhood in different setups. It is a journey of finding connection between all those differences. It can help you find that connection too. 



9) Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency by Chen Chen

best poetry 2022When I first came across this collection of poetry by Chen, its title caught me. Surprisingly, it was more than good enough. An amazing representation of life both dark, devastating but with humor and laugh.  Surrounded by hopelessness, it gives you hope. Based on true experiences, it narrates how it feels when everything is falling apart and there is no one that can help. Through poetry, Chen has beautifully portrayed those feelings. 



10) The Hurting Kind by Ada Limon

Best Poetry collections of 2022        Reading the poetry collection of Ada Limon is like moving through human history. Through poetry The Hurting Kind talks about memory, desire, and being. Divided into four parts, it is arranged in seasonal patterns. You  can read the winter collection in winter to feel the warmth of poems.  Same goes for the rest. I love to re-read them in different seasons to fully experience it. I would highly recommend others too.

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