10 Best World War 2 Books For Everyone

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World war II is one of the unforgettable events of history. It lasted for almost more than six years. In wars, there are no winners, only losers. World war II killed millions of people. Hiroshima and Nagasaki destruction is the result of World War II. The behavior of different nations, during war, towards each other also unmasks the ugly nature of human beings. From politicians and scientists to soldiers and civilians, everyone became its victim.

We need to tell our present and coming generations about war history. Writers from different parts of the world have written about different aspects of World War II. There are thousands of books available. We have narrowed down the list to the best ones.Here is the list of 10 Best World War 2 Books For Everyone.It includes book recommendations for a newbie to the advanced reader.

1. American Heritage History of World War II by Stephen E. Ambrose

Best World War 2 Books For Everyone506 pages

Stephen E.Ambrose’s American Heritage of World War II, is a good start for beginners. It requires no prior knowledge on behalf of readers. It provides a comprehensible history and impact of World War II on people. It explores the characters and events involved in war. From leaders and fighters to victims and civilians, how people from different walks of lives fought World War II. It also dwells upon the role of various nations in the war, however, the last section of the book is devoted more to Russia and america. Furthermore, it includes a short analysis of holocaust and secret war of espionage. You will also get to read about the causes that lead to the cold war.

2. WORLD WAR II: How the first world conflict was fought and won The definitive visual history of the Blitzkrieg atomic bomb by Keven Clark

Best World War 2 Books For EveryoneAugust 21, 2022

206 pages

In the course of history, World War II is the most unforgettable event. Millions of people vanished from the earth. From bombs and guns to atomic bombs and rockets were used. World War II by Keven Clark offers complete details of world war II. All the events are arranged in chronological timeline. The concise narrative with photos of different sites makes it more interesting. Along with the historical explanation of events, it also provides eyewitnesses’ perspective. The style of the book is scholarly and encyclopedia type.

3. The World War 2 Trivia Book: Interesting Stories and Random Facts from the Second World War by Bill O’Neill

Best World War 2 Books For Everyone
October 17, 2017

The World War 2 Trivia Book is a delightful read. Simple and easy to read, it is packed with all historical events of World War II. in addition, every event is accompanied with one fact. From detailed information of historical events to true facts, it makes you informed about everything related to world war II. Furthermore, it includes extensive details of Adolf hitler and Jack Churchill’s role in world war II.



4. Blood and Ruins: The Last Imperial War, 1931-1945 by Richard Overy
April 5, 2022

Best World War 2 Books For Everyone1040 pages

Blood and Ruins, written by the finest military historian Richard Overy, is an elaborative and extensive read about world war II. It challenges the traditional approach towards world war II, focusing on the military conflict between allies and enemies. It, rather, re-examines the origin and consequences of the conflict from a global perspective. Summing up all major events, it gives provocative and unorthodox details of world war II. Brimmed with research and data, it is a full academic read. Further, there are illuminating maps, making it more comprehensive.

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5. The Secret History of World War II: Spies, Code Breakers, and Covert Operations by Neil Kagan and Stephen G. Hyslop

Best World War 2 Books For EveryoneOctober 25, 2016
352 pages

The Secret of World War II By Neil Kagan takes you to the back of battle lines. The invisible efforts behind World War II. Divided into six chapters, it gives details of coded messages, classified maps, and secret artifacts used in war. It also explores the lives of spies, secret agents, secret armies, secret weapons, and strategies. It is highly illustrated with newly recovered photos. It is highly recommended for both beginners who want to know about world war II, and also for refreshers who want to go more in depth about world war II.

6.The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz by Erik Larson

World War 2 Books For EveryoneFeb 25, 2020
608 pages

The time Churchill became the prime minister, Hitler had already attacked Holland and Belgium. He was about to attack britons. It was up to Churchill to bring all the people together, and convince the president to make Britain an ally and fight till the end. The Splendid and the Vile explores the politics and brutality of war. It ventures into Churchill’s art of uniting the people, making them fearless. Along with this, it gives side details of Churchill’s personal life. How was day to day life affected by the war.

7. Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned The Tide in the Second World War by Paul Kennedy

Best World War 2 Books Jan 29, 2013
464 pages

Engineers of Victory by Paul Kennedy tells the story of real heroes in world war II. Instead of focusing on the grand narrative, it focuses on the real people who played a significant role in winning the war. How soldiers, scientists, engineers, and businessmen helpen in forming allies and allied victory. It explores the development and operation of cavity magnetrons and fighting planes and ships. It gives you more technical information like the strategies and tactics. Readers interested in the allied strategies and weapons during world war II should go for it.


8. The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II by Svetlana Alexievich

 World War 2 Books April 3, 2018
384 pages

Most of the history including world war II is written from a men’s perspective. The Unwomanly Face of War narrates stories of Soviet women who fought on front lines, from homes to battlefields. However, after triumph their contributions were disregarded. Pilots, nurses, doctors, machine operators, and tank drivers, all played their part. It is a great read for everyone to know women’s heroic part in history.


9.Infamy: The Shocking Story of the Japanese American Internment in World War II by Richard Reeves

Best World War 2 Books For EveryoneApril 21, 2015
468 Pages

During world war II when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and bombed the nation, most of the western states were given under militry control. The US army started evacuating Japanese- Americans from their homes. During the whole war they were imprisoned in camps. Infamy explores the brutality of war through Japanese- Americans. Richard Reeves has interviewed survivors, investigated letters and memoirs to narrate the atrocities. It is one of those books which highlights the dark side of American history during world war II.

10. The Good War: An Oral History of World War II by Studs Terkel

Best World War 2 Books For EveryoneJanuary 1, 1997
764 pages

The Good War presents the extraordinary skills of Studs Terkel as an interviewer. It is an epic chronicle of WWII atrocities. Tremendously moving, it narrates stories of people who experienced it first hand. From a trainee, fitting pipe, at pearl harbor to a crew member of the plane involved in dropping atomic bomb at nagasaki. Everyone openly expresses horrors and regrets, assessing and judging their decisions. It is a must read for people interested in world war II.

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