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Discover Sci-Fi Masterpieces like the Bobiverse Series

The Bobiverse series, written by Dennis Taylor and Dennis E. Taylor, consists of four books that follow the journey of a young, intelligent engineer currently working on artificial intelligence. The series is packed with concepts related to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and time travel, making it an excellent read for science enthusiasts. Each book in the series takes you to a different realm of the universe. If you have already read the series and are looking for similar books, then this article is for you. It includes books that are related to the Bobiverse series and can be your next read.

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1.Eon by Greg Bear

Eon by Greg BearEon by Greg Bear, which is available in a series form, is a thought-provoking and highly relatable masterpiece for science readers. It explores space and provides an understanding of current space discourse. Moreover, it presents a realistic picture of both political and social scenarios of the world. The characters and plot are strongly built, making it highly recommended for readers interested in science-fiction and space-related stuff.







2.Quantum Whispers by Alex M Brandt

Quantum Whispers by Alex M BrandtQuantum Whispers by Alex M Brandt is another great book that discusses the disasters of human experimentation. The story begins when Ben, the leading character, after a successful mission, is sent to planet Ceres by his bosses. There, he finds a woman who is a hybrid of both Artificial Intelligence and human flesh. Meanwhile, a number of aliens are on their way to end both this hybrid creature and Ben. Whether Ben will be able to protect himself or not and how it’s going to affect the planet earth, read this fantastic book.






3.The Ceph: Reborn by Matthew Poehler

The Ceph: Reborn by Matthew PoehlerThe Ceph: Reborn by Matthew Poehler revolves around important concepts like Genetic engineering, quantum mechanics, and nanotechnology. Presented in an explicit and simple manner with the help of a fictional story, it is narrated from a human and extinct animal species’ point of view. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking book for all kinds of readers.







4.Extinction Reversed by J.S. Morin

Extinction Reversed by J.S. MorinExtinction Reversed by J.S. Morin is a hard science fiction book that explores post-human society, how the world will look like in the future with unbelievable advanced technology. Told from a robot’s point of view, Extinction Reversed discusses the detrimental effects of futuristic technology. It ponders how our planet will be completely replaced with artificial intelligence with no human beings on it. An impressive read with interesting facts and arguments.

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5.The Disturbance: Hard Science Fiction by Brandon Q. Morris

The Disturbance: Hard Science Fiction by Brandon Q. MorrisThe Disturbance: Hard Science Fiction by Brandon Q. Morris is a scary read about the future of planet earth. It’s a story of four astronauts trying to peer into the past with the help of a few probes. During their time in space, they encounter a strange phenomenon. Unable to understand the phenomenon, the situation gets complicated. To find out how they overcome it, read the full novel. Drawing on physics laws and theories, it explores themes like time travel. An interesting read for physics enthusiasts.






6.Observer by Robert Lanza and Nancy Kress

Observer by Robert Lanza and Nancy KressObserver by Robert Lanza and Nancy Kress is a novel about making mortals immortal with the help of technology. It’s a story of a young entrepreneur who has joined a group of scientists working on the mortality of human beings. Fundamentally, it highlights the disastrous progress of technology in the coming days. Besides, it explains subjects like consciousness, mind, and reality. Packed with facts and science, it provides good food for thought.







7.Mythion: Human Transformation by Jason Davis

Mythion: Human Transformation by Jason DavisMythion: Human Transformation by Jason Davis is all-in-one. It includes a variety of themes, from human love and emotions to genetic engineering and time travel, incorporating everything related to humans. Written with diligence and logicality, it will completely transform your mind. Also, the story is easy to follow and grasp, recommended for lovers of the Bobiverse series.







8.The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine by H.G. WellsThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells, as the name suggests, is about time travel. However, the book also digs deep into subjects like Utopia vs Dystopia, class struggles, and love. It’s a story of a man named Time Traveller who, with the help of a newly advanced machine, travels into the future. Highly recommended for readers interested in time travel.

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