8 Action-Packed Books Like Cradle Series

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“The Cradle Series” by Will Wight is a set of action books centered around a boy who is learning the craft of magic. The series has received high praise due to its motivational story and fast-paced action. The protagonist, Lindon, stands out from other series’ characters due to his consistent and hard struggles. For those who have read the series, they would know how beautifully the overall setting and action are built in the novel.

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If you have completed the entire series and are searching for more stories of a similar kind, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of books that consist of similar stories, with a few peculiarities. Some of these books can provide a much better experience than those you have read previously. Explore the list and choose your next read.

1.Unbound by Shawn Speakman

Unbound by Shawn Speakman“Unbound” by Shawn Speakman is a fantastic book of short stories that touch upon different themes. It includes twenty-three stories, some of which delve into dreams and science fiction. Each story presents a different realm to readers and is highly recommended for fans of the Cradle series. This book is also available in a series format.







2.Monarch: A Prince Out of Time  by J. McCoy 

Monarch: A Prince Out of Time  by J. McCoy“Monarch: A Prince Out of Time” by J. McCoy is a mixture of fantasy and science fiction. The story follows Cairn, the monarch who plans to rule for all time. However, the mystery of the novel lies in his attempt to change his fate by moving back and forth between the past and future. Read this intriguing story to discover whether he succeeds.







3.The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn by Tyler Whitesides

The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn by Tyler Whitesides“The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn” by Tyler Whitesides is a story of a legendary thief who saves human civilization from an apocalypse. Mixing elements of different genres, this book is an interesting and different read.







4.Mother of Learning  by Domagoj Kurmaić

Mother of Learning  by Domagoj Kurmaić“Mother of Learning” by Domagoj Kurmaic follows Zorian, a boy with amazing magic powers who can foretell coming events. When he sees an impending disaster in the form of an apocalypse, he tries to save the world from destruction. This intriguing and somewhat realistic story is sure to please fans of books like Cradle series.

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5.Essencers of Aelathia by Joshua Smith

Essencers of Aelathia by Joshua Smith“Essencers of Aelathia” by Joshua Smith is a complicated story with magic and powers conflicting with advanced technology. The story follows two essencers who are ready to shut the world into darkness. As the story progresses, different characters and powers are revealed, making it more of a science fiction story. Recommended for mature readers.







6.Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard“Realm Breaker” by Victoria Aveyard follows an ambitious girl with superpowers who is trying to save human civilization. She is accompanied and supported on her journey by various creatures, including a squire, an immortal, a forger, and many others. With its own unique qualities, “Realm Breaker” is a good read for fans of such stories.







7.Forging Divinity: The War of Broken Mirrors by Andrew Rowe

Forging Divinity: The War of Broken Mirrors by Andrew Rowe“Forging Divinity: The War of Broken Mirrors” by Andrew Rowe is a story about Lydia, who, with her senses, can get information. However, this power has caused her suffering at many instances, even from her closest friends. Follow Lydia’s journey of dealing with magic and saving people in the “Forging Divinity” series.







8.Of Blood and Fire: The Bound and the Broken by Ryan Cahill

Of Blood and Fire: The Bound and the Broken by Ryan Cahill“Of Blood and Fire: The Bound and the Broken” by Ryan Cahill follows a man from the land of Epheria, burning with the desire to avenge his brother. While planning, he comes across three unknown men willing to help him on his mission. This high-paced story will keep you hooked throughout. Read to find out whether he succeeds in his revenge mission.

I hope you liked our list of books like cradle series. Please Let us know in the comments about the book you are going to read next.

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