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Top Regency Romance and Intrigue Books Like Edenbrooke

“Edenbrooke” is a well-known romantic novel written by Julianna Donaldson. It has received widespread acclaim and is highly regarded for its story. The novel tells the tale of a marriage between two individuals who are completely opposite and have no feelings for each other. The female protagonist, Marianna, is disinterested and uninterested in her husband, and constantly seeks opportunities to escape her reality. One day, she takes advantage of such an opportunity and visits her sister’s house, and from that moment on, the course of her life changes. The story transforms from a relationship based on hate to one of love.

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If you enjoyed the characters and story of “Edenbrooke” and are searching for similar stories featuring gentlemanly and lady-like courtship elements or novels where balls provide opportunities for potential lovers to meet, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of books like Edenbrooke that are similar and even better than “Edenbrooke.” Feel free to choose your favorite.

1.A Proper Charade by Esther Hatch

A Proper Charade by Esther Hatch“A Proper Charade” by Esther Hatch is a delightful romantic tale about Lady Patience Kendrick and Anthony. However, it’s not just a love story. It primarily focuses on a girl’s desire to live life on her own terms and prove her worth, regardless of societal expectations. But can she truly achieve this goal? Read on to find out. This story has a similar atmosphere to that of “Edenbrooke” and will surely leave a lasting impression on readers.







2.Engaging Lord Charles by Laura Beers 

Engaging Lord Charles by Laura Beers “Engaging Lord Charles” by Laura Beers is a regency romantic novel that takes the reader on a journey where a couple, compelled to marry, falls in love with each other. The plot, characters, and setting are all expertly presented, making for an unforgettable experience. Lord Charles is the epitome of a gentleman, and Miss Henrietta is a true beauty. As they play matchmakers for their friends, they find themselves married in a surprising turn of events. The story is filled with suspense and humor, and fans of “Edenbrooke” will love it.






3.Reforming the Rigid Duke by Abby Ayles

Reforming the Rigid Duke by Abby Ayles“Reforming the Rigid Duke” by Abby Ayles is a historical fiction novel set in the Regency period in England. The story revolves around two lovers who are complete opposites. Majorie Reeves is the intelligent and capable heiress to her father’s estate, while Isaac Hardy, the Duke of Sedgwick, is all business with no room for fun. Despite their differences, they are destined to marry each other. This classic romance novel is perfect for those who enjoy traditional courtship and ballroom scenes.







4.Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen 

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen needs no introduction. As one of Jane Austen’s finest works, this novel features rebellious ladies, unconventional gentlemen, and a masquerade game. Elizabeth Bennett, the protagonist, is initially resistant to Darcy’s advances, but eventually they fall in love. This timeless classic is a must-read for fans of “Edenbrooke”.

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5.Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 

5.Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen is another masterpiece by the queen of romantic literature. With unexpected twists and turns, this romantic novel tells the story of two sisters and a handsome, aristocratic man. Beautifully written, “Sense and Sensibility” is a must-read for fans of Jane Austen and the genre of romance.







6.The Rogue and the Wallflower by Collette Cameron

6.The Rogue and the Wallflower by Collette Cameron“The Rogue and the Wallflower” by Collette Cameron is a heartwarming tale about two imperfect individuals who fall in love despite their insecurities and societal judgment. The story is expertly crafted, and readers will be captivated from start to finish. This book is perfect for those who enjoy books like Edenbrooke”.







7.The Matchmaker’s Request by Ashtyn Newbold

7.The Matchmaker's Request by Ashtyn Newbold“The Matchmaker’s Request” by Ashtyn Newbold is a story about a man who, hopeless in his own search for love, helps others find their soulmates. Through his journey as a matchmaker, he learns important life lessons and restores faith in love for many. This fantastic love novel is highly recommended for fans of romance.







8.Marquess of Magic by Jennifer Monroe 

Marquess of Magic by Jennifer Monroe “Marquess of Magic” by Jennifer Monroe is a tale about Diana, a girl torn between two suitors. One is chosen by her father, while the other has a dark secret. Diana must decide which path to take, and readers will be kept on the edge of their seats until the very end. This beautifully written regency romantic novel will provide a thrilling reading experience.

I hope you liked our list of books like Edenbrooke. Please let us know in the comments about your favorite novel. Happy reading :))

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