Best Dark Romance Novels Like Haunting Adeline

books like haunting adeline

Haunting Adeline is a hauntingly beautiful book that tells the story of a young woman struggling to find her place in the world. The book’s captivating storytelling, relatable characters, and rich atmosphere have earned it a place in the hearts of many readers. If you’re a fan of Haunting Adeline and are looking for something similar to read, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring books that share similar themes, writing styles, and overall feel with Haunting Adeline, to help you continue your literary journey.

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Books Like Haunting Adeline

1.The Ritual by Shanteil Tesser.

The Ritual by Shanteil Tesser.Top in the list of books like haunting Adeline, this is an amazing story about love and the self ego. Ryat, who is a dark romantic hero, enters into a relationship with Blake. Every incident reveals the intensity of love and the obligation they begin to feel for each other. The story makes you laugh, cry, smile, weep, and feel tensed all at the same time as it progresses.







2.Hooked by Emily Mcintire.

Hooked by Emily Mclntire.This book is a masterpiece by Emily Mcintire story revolves around James and Wendy. James is a dark hero, while Wendy is polite, obedient, and willing to do anything to protect her family. On the other hand, James is seeking revenge. He gets a chance to avenge the loss of his family, but a twist occurs in the plot when he wants both revenge and Wendy. If you’re looking to read a dark romance, this is the book for you!







3.Lords of Pain by Angel Lawson.

Lords of Pain by Angel Lawson.This book is full of dark romance, bullying, psychological complexity, and unsettling dynamics between the characters. The heroine’s story is one of suffering at the hands of three men in her life. Despite being submissive and obedient, she knows how to be a player in the same game and gains power by accepting reality. To understand her journey into darkness, you must read this book.







4.Den of Vipers by K.A Knight.

Den of Vipers by K.A Knight.If you’re looking for a dark romance book with a strong female character who knows how to keep men in their place, this book is for you. Roxy, the heroine, builds herself up as strong and independent despite her haunting past memories. The Vipers took her in as a debt to her father, who almost sold her off. To find out what happens next, you must go and get this book to enjoy its darkness and the tension between the male and female characters, who both have a strong will.

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5.Deliver by Pam Godwin.(Book 1)

Deliver by Pam GodwinThis book is an amazing story that revolves around two characters, Liv Reed and Josh. Liv is a girl who has survived a haunting and terrible past seven years. She has become a machine and is just living until she meets Josh. The day she meets him, her life takes a twist. Tension and love begin to develop between them.







6.Promises and Pomegranates by Sav Miller.( Monsters & Muses (Book 1)

Promises and Pomegranates by Sav MillerThis book presents the story of Elena and Kallum, where Kallum is a doctor of death and Elena is a temptation to him, and he takes whatever he wants. The spicy tension between their relationship is palpable and it’s clear that they feel an attraction for each other. The reader can enjoy the anticipation of finding out what happens next while also appreciating the beautiful way the story unfolds.







7.The Risk Mind Fu*k Book 1 by S.T Abby.

The Risk Mind Fu*k Book 1 by S.T Abby.Part of Mind F*ck series by S.T Abby, It is an amazing story about two main characters, a FBI agent and a vengeance-seeking killer, and how they unknowingly fall in love with the “monster” he has been hunting. The story is full of mystery, steamy scenes, murder, dark romance, drama, and an artistic touch of criminology.







8.Grieved Loss Bellandi Crime Syndicate (Book 3)

Grieved Loss Bellandi Crime Syndicate (Book 3)A dark romance book where the story revolves around Ryker and Calla and the bond they form. Ryker, an enforcer for a family, kept his eye on Calla, whose husband worked for both the police and the family. After the death of her husband, Ryker was there to support Calla and waited for her to grieve before claiming her and her kids. He quickly moved them into his home, which was already set up for the children to live in. Calla struggled with Ryker being a different type of father than her deceased husband.


I hope you liked our list of books like Haunting Adeline. Please let us know about your favorite dark romance novel in the comments.

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