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If you’re a fan of “The Maddest Obsession,” you know that it’s a captivating and thought-provoking novel that explores the intersection of love, obsession, and madness. But once you’ve finished the book, what comes next? If you’re looking for similar books that delve into the complexities of human relationships and the power of the mind, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of the best books like “The Maddest Obsession” that are sure to keep you captivated from start to finish. From psychological thrillers to literary masterpieces, these books will satisfy your cravings for page-turning drama and introspective reflection. So get ready to add some new titles to your reading list!

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1.The Twisted Game by Ana Haung.

1.The Twisted Game by Ana Haung.This book is a story of a arrogant, straightforward man Rhys who is being given the responsibility to protect the princess Eldora. Showing himself as an emotionless and straightforward, he silently started liking her and fortunately this happens on the other hand with Eldora too. This leads them to a state of confused love which they are unable to recognize. To know what happens next, how love bond develops, and get intensified you must give it a read.







2.The Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark.

2.The Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark.This book is an amazing story of Callum and Aida who are from two mafia families.  They are completely different in nature. Where as Aida is funny, smart and spunky, Callum is arrogant and cold. The two hate each other but get tied into arranged marriage. Their life brings an unexpected change by bringing two opposite people together without any kind of feeling for each other. This book is a good Brightright series. What happens? How they live? And what would be the relationship ? One must give it a read.






3.The King of Wrath by Ana Haung.

3.The King of Wrath by Ana Haung.A story of two characters Vivian and Dante who are different from each other meets an unexpected arranged marriage. She fights to make things work where as he fights his growing feelings towards her because to feel for her, anything is not in his plan due to which he is here.This is an interesting story about how love bond develops between these two opposite people and how they recognize it later.

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4.The Little Dove by Layla Frost.

4.The Little Dove by Layla Frost.It is an amazing book with a heart touching story of Julliete whose father dies when she is 17 years old and the murderer kidnapped her instead of killing her too. He shows her a new world and tells her how to live. He takes care of her needs and wishes. Maximo feelings can be feel when he is limited even when he is punishing her he takes care of her. This book is a good example of dark romance.





5.Promises and Pomegranates by Sav Miler.

5.Promises and Pomegranates by Sav Miler.In the series of books like the maddest obsession,this book presents a story of Elena and Kallum where as Kallum is Doctor  of Death and Elena is a temptation to him and he takes whatever he wants. The spicy tension between their relationship can be seen its is clear that these two  feel  attraction for each other. The reader can enjoy the stomach aches for reading ahead what happens next and at at the same time the beautiful way how the story unfolds.







6.Fierce King by Sadie Kincaid.

6.Fierce King by Sadie Kincaid.An amazing story of Alana and Alejandro who get into a bond of arrange marriage. The meeting of two different people where Alejandro is ruthless and a demanding business man and Alana is a realist who  tries to accept the reality of life and fate. She tries to make best of the bad situation.  Together they learn what’s true, how they really feel and what they want. The spice is consistently steamy and juicy.







7.To Bleed A Crystal Bloom By Sarah. A. Parker.

7.To Bleed A Crystal Bloom By Sarah. A. Parker.It is the story of young  20 years old Olaith, who suffers from her nightmares after being the sole survivor of the bloody massacre, she is haunted by the memories of that night. Rhordyn who is the enigmatic master taken her in as his ward. Olaith would have fallen as his victim to  her night mares a long ago. This is an mysterious, addictive, and a dark seductive story that will keep you entranced from its very first page.








8.Gild by Raven  Kennedy.

8.Gild by Raven  Kennedy.Auren being plucked out of  slums and given security within King Mida’s golden court, she knows it is all a smoke screen- a gilded cage.For a decade she lived knowing that  nothing can harm her from outside until war proves her opibion wrong. It is a story over flowing with romance, magic and complete intrigue.

I hope you liked our list of books like the maddest obsession. Let us know in comment which book are you going to read first.

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