Top 10 Thrilling Reads by Christy Barritt


Who is Christy Barritt and What Makes Her Books So Thrilling?

Christy Barritt is an exceptional writer with incredible writing skills. She is the author of more than a hundred books and is a master at blending romance with horrific adventure. She is also known for her fast-paced action and tender romance. Once you get addicted to her writing, there is no going back. If you are new to the world of Christy Barritt and looking for book recommendations, we are here to help you. This article includes some top-rated novels by Christy Barritt with the best storyline. Read and pick your next favorite.

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1.Forgotten Secrets

Forgotten SecretsForgotten Secrets is a romantic suspense story of two FBI agents, Jesse and Fienna. Both are hesitant to get married due to unfortunate and quite funny circumstances. They end up working together to investigate a murder case, and Fienna needs Jessie’s help. An engrossing suspense story woven with romantic threads, it is a must-read for Christy Barritt lovers.







2.The Inn on Hanging Hill

The Inn on Hanging HillThe Inn on Hanging Hill is an intriguing story of Lindsey Waters returning to her childhood home. With traumatic experiences from her childhood, she is desperate for a fresh start. However, little does she know that she will beg for her life. She becomes a prisoner in her own home when a stranger strives to kill her. Complicated with unexpected twists and turns, The Inn on Hanging Hill will haunt you.







3.Deadly Intent

Deadly IntentFollowing the previous book, Vanishing Ranch, Deadly Ranch is another captivating action-packed read. Saah, the protagonist, is far away from her abusive boyfriend, but now has memory relapses, unable to distinguish reality from memory. She feels her boyfriend again threatening her and contacts her helpers. But will they be able to save her this time? Deadly Intent is the most adventurous read in this series.








BrandonBrandon is about two hopeless lovers distanced by trust issues and brought together by professional projects. Finley Hooper losing faith in Brandon is not ready to trust him at any cost, whereas Brandon, being a navy officer, knows she is in danger. Don’t know what to do? Read to find out whether he will be able to convince Finley to cooperate. A mix of romance and adventure, it’s an excellent read for action lovers.







5.Legacy of Lies

Legacy of LiesMadison Colson, hopeless to prove her father’s innocence and living a dejected life, is suddenly attacked by a serial killer, Good Samaritan. A cop detective, Shane Townsend, is ready to help her, but he is the person who jailed her father. How will Shane save her and the people in the city? A spine-chilling read that you will remember forever.

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DistortedDistorted is a survival story of a human trafficking victim. After decades of darkness, Mallory Baldwin tries to rebuild and live a life from a new start. Suddenly, her new world is shaken by a stalker. But who will save her this time? Does she stand another chance or not? An inspiring story with strong and well-developed characters, Distorted is both a heartbreaking and soothing read.







7.Bound by Murder

Bound by MurderBound by Murder is Christy Barritt’s other exceptional mystery series. Set in North Carolina, Talitha Rubinson, the protagonist, renovates an old store with a horrible past. During the remaking of the store, she discovers a human skeleton, leading to more strange incidents. If you are a fan of creepy weird stories, then this one’s for you.







8.Key Witness:

Key Witness:Key Witness is part of The Security Expert series and follows the story of Elli Philip, a beautiful girl who hires a former navy officer, Mark Denton, as her bodyguard after a terrible robbery. Mark becomes an overprotective protector with deep feelings for Elli, leading to an intriguing story with both action and romance. Highly recommended for fans of Christy Baritt.







9.Edge of Peril:

Edge of Peril:Edge of Peril is a terrifying story about a mountain community seized by evil. Harper and Sheriff Luke, with their past experiences and knowledge, strive to save the community, but struggle to convince the police and people to take action. Christy Barritt’s blood-curdling imagery and terrifying scenes will make readers experience every word. Edge of Peril is a promising read, recommended for horror genre fans.







10.How Her Ex Stole Christmas:

How Her Ex Stole Christmas:How Her Ex Stole Christmas is an action-packed, fun read that no one would want to miss. The protagonist, Kaylee St. James, is stuck in a career crisis and unexpectedly bumps into her ex-fiancé, Ethan Sloan, a CIA operative searching for secret information. He wants Kaylee to cooperate, but will she? With unexpected twists, turns, and humorous characters, this is the best romantic mystery read.

I hope you liked our list of Christy Barritt’s books. Please let us know in the comments about your favorite book.

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