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Every Last  Secret by A. R. Torre

Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre is a crazy read. It really puts you off guard. Playing with your mind, it really gets on your  nerves but it was hard to resist. Literally, like how far can someone go in jealousy. It made me laugh at the stupidity of characters, nevertheless, it can be really annoying for others. Story plot was the most typical, however, the writing style, the way the writer has built up the intensity in the story is amazing. 

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The story is all predictable, I mean you can easily deduce the ending from the beginning but I bet you, once you step into it, you will not be able to put it down. The author, A.R. Torre has done a wonderful job in creating curiosity, all the instances are carefully linked without making the plot weak. Similarly, the end is a little bit untypical. Commonly, such kinds of stories are usually irritating and tiresome and I personally don’t go for such stories. 

Q&A: A.R. Torre, Author of ‘Every Last Secret’

It wasn’t even my choice, out of nowhere just to kill my free time I started reading it. Next, I recovered when I was done with it. Though it’s not an extraordinary read, it can be good entertainment. We watch different series and movies on such topics, reading books on similar topics is a different experience. 

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I will not  spoil the story because it already is. The story revolves around three characters: William, Cate Winthorpe, and Neena Ryder. William is the husband of Cat Winthorpe, a successful and happy woman. Both of them are living content and luxurious lives.  As the story progresses, Neena makes an entry as an employee of William. She is unsatisfied with her life, particularly her husband. You all can expect war and can predict the winner but to know the truth you have to read the novel. Believe me it’s much more interesting and spicy than it seems. 

We all come across such stories in real life as well as in movies and books. Most of them have the same start, climax and end but The Last Secret is a little intense and can really be your favorite spicy read. My motive for writing this review of The Last Secret is the interesting style of the writer. 

Knowing everything about the story, you still want to read and keep turning the pages.For people who like such stories, The Last Secret can be a unique experience. On the contrary, characters are a little irrational in their attitudes but the theme of the story requires it. It can be fair enough to kill your boredom. 

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