Future of Nonfiction Books: Trends and Technology

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The world is advancing rapidly. What was new yesterday, is old today. When it comes to book reading, people are losing connection with books. Masses are no more interested in books because of the available phones and other technologies. Similarly, social media apps are providing information in a more interesting and intriguing way, which definitely is lowering the number of people reading books. In addition, social media is increasing the probability of spreading fake news, ultimately leading to forming ill-informed opinions. However, I believe such situations, at the same time, increase the demand for reading and production of  books, particularly, nonfiction. In this article, I discuss how these latest developments may impact the Future of Nonfiction Books

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Those who were not into reading, will obviously won’t be reading even in the future. Nevertheless, those who are fond of reading nonfiction books will strive more to read new nonfiction books. The reason is very simple; the changing world. From politics to social relations, everything is in flux. Daily a new discovery is made, a new theory, a new frame of reference is introduced. Besides, it’s just not an addition of new work or theory, this addition changes the whole position of previous works, adjusting itself and providing new interpretation to previous available works. Understanding this whole process would obviously need an expert writer in the form of a book. 

I believe two things in the present and future will not only raise the demand for nonfiction books but will also make it easy for writers to publish their works. 

1: New changes need new interpretations and understanding. Similarly, this change always has an influence on our future. Our future depends on our present. Nonfiction books category is a vast field, it includes books from every field, so writers of any expertise in any field can easily share their knowledge and research- which have future bearings. Besides, the world is already on its way to complete destruction. In such a scenario we need great books that will help the masses to understand the situations. For instance, nonfiction books on climate change are the need of the time. Furthermore, the impact of current political attitudes of world politicians on the coming generations can be understood from available nonfiction politics books. Thus, we will need to produce more great  nonfiction books from every field. 

Though these books provide information and analyses,  they unconsciously help you develop your own  judgment skills, which is really important in the present modern world. With the help of them you can filter the continuous influx of information. 

2: With the coming trends and technologies, production of nonfiction books  will become easy and more accessible. The advanced technology will make the process of production easy, which will add to more production. Similarly, the means of transportation is already available. Even at the present page, there is  no need to print or send them to other parts of the world. Just make it available on kindle and other reading tabs, and you are done. In the past, the publication step was difficult and books were not accessible to people, which would lower the rate of production but now it has become more than easy. Therefore, I feel like the coming age will be of books but not of hard books but soft form books. 

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Above all, the competition will rise. The means are available and accessible which means  everyone can share their ideas and understanding, however,  not everyone is going to make it. In order to excel and produce a great book, the writer has to be expert in presenting his idea. In a view of the fact that there are much more distractions and intriguing information available, from the same horizon, to the readers. So to grasp the attention, the idea and presentation should be intriguing.

As a whole I believe, the increase and discovery of new knowledge will increase the demand for nonfiction books in the coming age. Similarly, the easily accessible means of publication will make it simpler for writers to produce and publish new works. However, both these factors can play a role in decreasing the quality to some extent. 


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