Top 10 Interesting Greek mythology nonfiction books 

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For many of us the world of myths has always been fascinating. Some read myths to take refuge from the world they exist in while others read them to understand the world they belong to. Greek myths are the most interesting and influential on our present world. Numerous writers have tried to elaborate on Greek mythology. Some of them have written wonderful books. This article explores top 10 interesting Greek mythology nonfiction books.

1. Uncovering Greek Mythology by Lucas Russo 

Greek mythology nonfiction books 


Publication date: 10 Dec, 2020

150 Pages

Uncovering Greek Mythology by Lucas Russo is perfect for those who are new to Greek mythology. From gods and titans’ origin to development and cultural context, it gives you a compact summary of all Greek myths. In addition, it also explains the relevance of Greek myths for today’s world. It is also a good choice for refreshers, too, because of its intriguing details of some of the stories.


2. Lust, Chaos, War, and Fate- Greek mythology: Timeless Tales from Ancients by Jason Bayett

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 21 June, 2016

216 Pages

 Reading non-fiction Greek mythology books can sometimes be boring. However, Jason Boyett’s Lust, Chaos, War, and Fate is such a fun read that you will never get bored for a single moment while reading it. In this book you will find detailed stories of greek legendary characters, and how lust, sex, just like humans, existed in their families. It is an easy read and the family tree of all the characters makes it more comprehensible. It is a good read for both beginners and refreshers.


3. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 1  Jan, 2011

512 Pages

If you are looking for a scholarly, easily comprehensible non-fiction Greek mythology book then Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes is the best option. It includes 100 stories of heroes and gods. From the Trojan war to the wanderings of Odysseus, it includes narratives of all significant characters. All the stories are presented as facts. In addition, you will also get to read about Norse mythology in the end.


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4. The Complete World of Greek Mythology by Richard Buxton

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 28 June, 2004

240 Pages

Interesting fact about this book is that it includes 250 illustrations of 120 in color. It gives a complete account of all Greek myths. with their origin, development, and relevance to religion, society and landscape, it explains all the myths in its exact context. The lavish illustrations along with commissioned drawings makes it more interesting.



5. The Gods of Olympus: A History by Barbara Graziosi

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 11 Mar,  2014

304 Pages

It includes accounts of Greek gods. From ancients to renaissance and present age interpretation of greek gods. It gives a detailed account of the transformation of gods over the ages. From homer to Christianity how the idea and concept of these gods have changed. For Greeks they were divine and controller of fates, for early Christians they were demons or symbolic representations of heaven. Barbara Graziosi through archeological evidence and other writings tries to develop the relationship among all those interpretations.


6. The Library of Greek Mythology (Oxford World’s Classics) by Apollodorus translated by Robin Hard

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 1 Aug, 2008

336 Pages

The only original classical work of mythology  that has survived up till now is The Library of Greek Mythology. It is the primary source of all Greek myths that we read in different books. There are some characters which you may not find in other books, however, you will find them here. It includes all the Greek mythology characters. From the adventures of Jason and Perseus to Hercules and Troy, it includes all mythical stories of Greeks. Its’ style of narrating stories is more descriptive and factual. Translation by Robin Hard provides a critical introduction to texts, additional comprehensive notes, maps and family lines of Greek heroes and demigods.

7. Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold By Stephen Fry

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 27 Aug, 2019

527 Pages

Stephen Fry’s Mythos is a funny and modern style of reading Greek myths which otherwise seems dull. He will make you fall in love with Greek mythology. Combining the original stories with his wit and intelligence, Stephen Fry transforms stories of Olympus gods and trojan heroes, which never fail to amaze us. Mythos starts with the creation of the universe with the primordial god- chaos and development of the world with all gods. Moreover, Mythos interpretation of myths make the characters alive and relatable in the present world.


8. Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures by Stephen Fry

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 1  Nov,  2018

415 Pages

In Heroes:Mortals and Monsters, quests and Adventures, Stephen Fry narrates  adventures and battles of well-known heroes like Theseus, Perseus, Oedipus and hercules. It is a story of mortals embarked on a daring journey, overcoming obstacles set by fate or gods. Its style is humorous and easy to comprehend. Its compact style will not make you lose your focus.



9. Apollo and Daphne: Masterpieces of Greek Mythology by Antonio Barber

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 7 Jan,1999 ( first Edition)

46  Pages

Apollo and Daphne includes 15 classical paintings. These paintings are accompanied by mythological stories they represent. Some of the stories included are Orpheus, Orion, and Eurydice.Few of the paintings are of Roman mythology, too. It is a good start for beginners, who are completely new to Greek mythology. The splendid painting and simple language will help in developing interest.

10. Greek mythology: A Traveler’s Guide by  Adam Nicholson

Greek mythology nonfiction books Publication date: 3 May,  2016

256 Pages

If you are interested in traveling to the Greek world and understanding the Greek myths in its context , you should definitely read Greek mythology; A Traveler’s guide. Some of the Greek myths are highly rooted in specific landscapes and cannot be understood without focusing on those landscapes. For instance, the city of Thebes and mount Cithaeron play significant roles in the oedipus story.  Same is the case with other Greek stories. Adam Nicholson in his book explains all myths in relation to landscapes. If you are traveling to these cities or want to travel, Greek mythology: A Traveler’s guide will help you in both cases.

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