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How to Choose the Right Nonfiction Book for Yourself?

Which book should I read next? This is the question we all face when we finish reading a book. When it comes to choosing books, without any doubt, everyone has their own ways. Depending on taste, mood, and accessibility, people go for different books. However, talking from personal experience, picking a book to read next can be a tiresome activity. At times, we waste the whole time in choosing the right book. Besides, we all know in modern times of today, sticking up to reading habit requires vigor. So the saved time from daily activities should not be squandered in finding the right option. 

Why Nonfiction Books Are More Important Than Ever?

Most of the time we choose and read haphazardly. At least, we are reading as the saying goes, something is better than nothing. No offense, but there is productive reading. Things done without planning (except the outing ideas with friends)  often fails to achieve anything. Planning is like direction, and if you don’t have direction, then you won’t reach any end. Similarly, in the case of reading books, usually you would have seen people, including me, all the time busy buying books with an already available long list and books that need to be read. 

There is a very famous quote; 

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Therefore, it’s really important to plan your time and reading schedule. I am going to pen down some important strategies which can help you find the right book in general, and nonfiction in particular. Though I have ranted enough about why you should plan to read books, I am going to talk a little more in detail, why one should plan to choose the right nonfiction book for yourself.

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Lets’ begin.

Selecting the Perfect Nonfiction Book: Importance and Impact

First of all there could be two possible reasons for reading nonfiction books. First, to gain knowledge or read as many books as possible. Second, to acquire knowledge or acquire a skill related to a specific field. In the former case, remember we are humans with limitations. No matter how easily accessible books are to you, you can’t read all of them. Thus coming with no plan and reading randomly and  haphazardly would waste your time instead of making it productive. In the latter case, planning is the utmost thing to do. You have to choose the right book for learning specific skills, design your stages, going from simpler to complex. Mapping the needs and time would help in selecting the right option from available nonfiction books. This is your only way out to achieve the desired results.

Selecting the Ideal Nonfiction Book: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Many avid readers have to-read books lists. Encountering an interesting book somewhere, is an addition to a never-ending list. Speaking from my personal experience, there is hardly a day where we don’t add a book to our list. But that does not mean we should just follow our to-read list, randomly, especially if the aim is to learn something particular. As skills and knowledge mostly pertains to nonfiction books, therefore this process will help readers majorly how to choose a nonfiction book. Let’s suppose, you want to start your small business, you would have to look for businesses that are for beginners. Simply, the first step is to know your standing, how much knowledge you already have about the topic. After analyzing the gaps, where your knowledge lacks,  look for nonfiction books that are suitable to fill the gap.

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Now this process of picking the right nonfiction book can be divided into a few steps. 

1: Area of interest

You need to have a clear vision about the area of interest, also what are the goals that you want to achieve at the end. Your goals would take you to choose right nonfiction books. For instance, if you want to understand human psychology, you should go for psychology related nonfiction books. Similarly, if you are interested in business administration, you should search books related to business. 

2:  Level of Understanding

Now that you know your area of interest, you need to judge your knowledge of the topic. How much knowledge do you have, and where does your knowledge need improvement? Once you identify the area where you lack knowledge, your search will get limited to a specific direction. For example, if you want to understand the human psyche through Freud’s perspective, you will search nonfiction books relevant to Freud’s analysis. 

3: Available Books

The third step is to search for books. First search the relevant topic and look for both famous and non-famous books. Explore what kinds of books are available. Make a list of all books that you find fitting to your category. 

4: The best Option 

Now, from the available options, choose the best option. See the credentials of writers. The  writer is expert in the field or even into this field or not. The information is updated or not. Besides, reviews can also help in pointing to the best option. The best option does not necessarily mean the best seller. So, its okay to pick a non-famous book, providing good information. 

The bottom line

This process described above is not universal. Some people find the best nonfiction book fitting their interest, randomly, at the spur of a moment. Similarly, don’t try to force yourself to follow the process. Do it when you feel the need and it is actually helping you.

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