If at First You Don’t Succeed by Brent Bowers

I am not a fan of self help books. I find them boring and repetitive. I mean I know whatever has been written there so why not utilize time to work on yourself to bring change rather than wasting time while reading them. However, recently I came across a book by Brent Bowers. Surprisingly, I kept on reading it and felt enlightened. It was interesting and amazing.


Honestly, it was more practical than those other motivational books. It’s not just talk about ideal things, it gives you real solutions. It basically talks about habits that you can adopt and have a better future, especially for business minded people. Though based on entrepreneurship stuff, it can help you generally. Habits are what makes you or shape your future, therefore it is really important to change those habits which are harmful for your growth.  

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If at First You Don’t Succeed by Brent Bowers like a helping guide puts you on the right track. Illustrating different real life stories and most importantly analysis of experts and analysts. I am not an entrepreneur or someone interested in business, still I found it worth reading so I am sure others will too. 

It mainly consists of eight chapters, each focusing on a specific habit of successful people. It brings in experiences of both successful and apparently non successful people. What worked for them and what not and how one can adopt it or benefit from it. Amazing thing about this book is that  you can read any chapter at any time, you don’t have to read the whole book to get the message. The book represents thorough study on small businesses of Brent Bowers. 

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Those people who are about to start their small business or those who want to start but lack guidance will definitely get something from it. Not everyone is lucky to have a mentor but don’t worry,  Bowers is here to help you. Besides, you will not get the things repetitive, which is very common in other books. Seems like Brent is very skillful in writing such books. He has omitted every possible irritating thing from the book so that the book serves its purpose. 

From giving practical advice to illustrating realistic examples, Brent Bowers has tried all his best to help people. For people like me, such kinds of books can be boring but believe me I found If at First You Don’t Succeed  attractive and illuminating. First, if you are into self help books, go without any doubt and if not, still it is helpful. 

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