It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

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It Ends With Us  by Colleen Hoover leaves you with a big satisfactory smile and tears in eyes. It’s not easy to recover from it, for a long time you don’t even know how to perceive it. After reading this book, it took me a great time to direct my thoughts and write a review of the book, for readers who would like to first read a review of It Ends With US.  It is a story of real humans, not black and white characters. It’s a story of fragile love that first makes you feel butterflies in your stomach and then challenges your courage and hope. 

It’s not an ideal love story that no one can relate to, all of us have somehow been in this situation. On a daily basis, either we suffer from it or see others suffer from  the same situations. We either ignore or pass judgments and sometimes throw easy solutions as if we are doing a great favor. But the story tells you, it’s not that easy. It will make you experience the reality of a victim’s life and make you realize “what it means to live and die at the same moment’. Keep your expectations aside, it’s a warning, your expectations will be shattered. Don’t go for the name, its story is much more beautiful, amazing, and tragic.

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Without  any spoilers, I am gonna  give you a brief idea of the book, It Ends With Us. So, the story starts with a little slow pace and one may find it boring but once the conflict starts building, the  story keeps you hooked throughout. The story commences with the  love story of Lily and rile and turns into a complicated domestic violence story.  From time to time you will find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotions, relieved, happy, pressurized, conflicted just like Lily.  The climax revolves around one decision of Lily to choose between herself and  her lover. To put it more rightly, it is a tussle to  accept the reality, the darkness of our loved ones rather than turning a blind eye to it. 

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As a whole the story is well woven and has high ratings and positive reviews. However, among all the good reviews of It Ends With Us there is one commonality. While reading this Colleen Hoover book, I found the same issue i.e certain long narrations kept dragging the story. The impact of the story is compromised a little bit because of the length. Similarly, Character development of the protagonist, Lily, is wholesome, and has been praised by many Colleen Hoover reviewers, that’s why I highly suggest it to our young teenagers. Still, before reading it, make sure you are in the right headspace to handle it. Domestic violence, emotional abuse may be a little hard to handle.  

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