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Layla by Colleen Hoover leaves with a big sad but relaxed smile. Only writers like Colleen Hoover who keeps trying new genres without disappointing the readers can come up with such an interesting read. Layla is a paranormal love story and the best pick for  a person who is into the supernatural. However, for a person like me who is  not at all a supernatural reading person also found it a fascinating read. It looked so familiar and real. It blurs your senses of distinguishing between real and supernatural that at some instances of the story you are unable to distinguish what is natural and what’s not.The portrayal of such a different realm by the writer is amazing. Throughout the story, you keep predicting and the writer telling you, hold on, not that easy. Seemingly, it’s a  simple love story with so many twists and turns, but deep down there are so many levels. It is a story of human feelings, interests, and changing attitudes. In the beginning everything feels disoriented, falling apart but the end brings all the pieces together , and the story starts making sense. For me, the resolution of the plot makes the story worthwhile. It is an entertaining read  but still much can be learned about human relations.

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Starting is typical, a boy Leeds and a girl Layla fall in love with each other , however, how it progresses is a totally different narrative. I am not going to spoil the story with my review, so I have just written  down the surface story.The thing I like about the Colleen Hoover novels, which I found in this novel too, is gray characters. No one is a complete devil or angel. All are humans with shortcomings. The end is satisfactory and even reviewers who have hated the story,  appreciated the end. Like the rest of Colleen novels, beginning is slow but once you reach the mid your hands will automatically keep turning the pages. All the good reviews and ratings are because of the second half. 

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The interconnectivity of events and plot construction is good and captivating. Similarly, the characters are well presented. However, the harsh criticism as said earlier,  Colleen Hoover always receives is for tiresome long narrations. Almost all her novels have a boring start and slow pace. Yet, they all get engrossed in the middle. Just like other readers, at times I was also giving up but personally I kept reading because of the theme. In many reviews of Layla, reviewers have left reading it because they were getting bored. Th e rest of the aspects of Layla are pretty well. 

This review of Layla is just a short intro, maybe you will find it much more pleasing  which I am sure you will. 


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