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Lisa Jewell’s books in order


Lisa Jewell is a prolific writer, having published exceptional and distinctive novels for over two decades. Although she has covered different themes and genres, she excels in blending romance and murder mystery, with her compassionate characters and twisting plots earning praise worldwide. It’s difficult to start one of Lisa Jewell’s novels and not finish it in one read, making her books a must-read.

In this article, we provide a list of Lisa Jewell’s all-time best novels arranged in order, making it easier for newcomers to choose their favorites.


1.Thirtynothing (2000)

Thirtynothing is a story about exes, including ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, and friends. It primarily focuses on the unrequited love between Dig and Nadine. They have been friends for over twelve years but secretly love each other. However, Nadine’s plans are ruined when Dig’s ex-girlfriend appears. If you want to read about crispy exes-related books, then there is no better option than Lisa Jewell’s Thirtynothing.




Vince and Joy


2.Vince and Joy (2005)

Vince and Joy, an old rom-com novel published in 2005, is about two lovers, Vince and Joy, who are perfectly flawed hilarious love birds. They long for each other after their love at first sight was cut short by unfortunate circumstances. However, their love remains in their hearts for the rest of their lives. If you love Lisa Jewell’s books, then this fantastic romantic novel is a must-read.



The Truth about Melody Browne


3.The Truth about Melody Browne (2009)

The Truth about Melody Browne is a story of rediscovering a forgotten past. Melody Browne, a devoted mother of a teenage boy living a peaceful life, has shut out all entries to her childhood memories. One day, a tragic incident triggers her mind, and everything that was long forgotten is revived in her memories. Will Melody Browne be able to survive for her son or not? Read this captivating mystery novel to find out the truth of her childhood.



The House We Grew Up In


4.The House We Grew Up In (2013)

The House We Grew Up In is a family story that broke apart as part of the adulting process. However, some recent events brought them together under the same roof, and this time they will discover some bittersweet secrets of their childhood. All the tragic and happy moments rewound and time stood still, once they entered the long-forgotten sweet home. It is a heart-touching read recommended for those searching for a light read.




I Found You


5.I Found You (2016)

I Found You is about the parallel life stories of two women who are geographically far apart but circumstantially closely related. Alice Lake finds a man outside her house with no idea of his past, while the other woman, Lily Monrose, is yearning for her missing husband. An extremely heart-touching and heartbreaking story that needs more readers’ attention.




Then She Was Gone


6.Then She Was Gone (2017)

Then She Was Gone follows the story of the disappearance of a loving and intelligent daughter, Ellie Mack. After a decade of the incident, her mother, trying to erase all memories of her daughter, comes across a strange yet affectionate man. She starts meeting him and becomes quite close to him and his family. But slowly and gradually, she begins to find answers about her daughter’s disappearance. Where is he, and what does this man really know about her? It is a thrilling read that will keep you anxious for weeks.




Watching You


7.Watching You (2018)

Watching You is a spine-chilling murder mystery novel set in Melville Heights, England. The story revolves around an obsessive and creepy man living in one of the apartments. When a newlywed couple moves in, a woman is murdered by an unknown person. The book keeps you on the edge of your seat with fast-paced action and well-written characters. Lisa Jewell has created a masterpiece that is perfect for horror story lovers.




The Family Upstairs


8.The Family Upstairs (2019)

The Family Upstairs is a disturbing story of an adopted girl who is about to receive her inheritance on her 25th birthday. However, she uncovers dark secrets from her childhood that leave her reeling. With a plot full of twists and turns and well-developed characters, Lisa Jewell has created another masterpiece that is perfect for those who love horror and suspense.




Invisible Girl


9.Invisible Girl (2020)

Invisible Girl is a gripping novel of suspense and mystery that is narrated from multiple perspectives. The story revolves around three main characters, Owen, Saffyre, and Roan. Saffyre and Roan have a patient-psychologist relationship, but Saffyre has feelings for the psychologist. When she feels abandoned at the end of their sessions, she disappears. Owen, a creepy neighbor of Roan, becomes the prime suspect, but is he guilty? This emotionally charged novel is highly recommended for its captivating plot and well-developed characters.





10.The Night She Disappeared (2021)

The Night She Disappeared is a haunting story set in a deadly place where a couple once disappeared without a trace. A year later, a writer moves into the same place and finds it quite peaceful until he discovers a note with the words “Dig Here” on it. Is this the clue that will lead to the missing couple? This intensely gripping murder mystery novel is perfect for fans of dark descriptions and unexpected twists.

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