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8 Fun Nonfiction Animals Books for Children

Children are innocent and so is their love. There is something universal in children’s love for animals. They readily get  attached to animals. Children’s emotional attachment or treatment of animals has a long lasting effect on their personalities. Similarly, children are always curious about animals. Their curiosity can be satiated by taking them to a zoo or bringing a pet home.

However, they will still want to know more. Books cannot only play a huge role in satisfying their curiosity but can also help them in developing their perception.There are many ways to get a child to read when they refuse. There are a number of fascinating, nonfiction animals books for children. We have narrowed down the list to the best among them. If you are looking for nonfiction  animals books that are easy to read and illustrated, then you should give a full read to this article.

1. Baby Animals! A Kid’s Book of Amazing Pictures and Fun Facts About Baby Animals: Nature Books for Children Series  by John Yost  

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenDecember 22, 2013

67 pages

We have seen children’s amazement not only about human’s babies but also about animal’s babies. Their amazement is followed by curious questions like from where babies come, how do they grow, how do they eat, etc. John Yost’s book, Baby Animals will help you answer these questions. It includes descriptions and explanations of animals’ babies. How different animals’ babies are born, how they learn a specific life skill or even how they breathe. It includes not only cute babies like rabbits but also wild animals’ babies. From pictures to captions and facts, everything is written in a very interesting way. Not only kids but adults can also learn some interesting fun facts about animals from it.

2. The  Fascinating Animal Book for Kids: 500 Wild Facts! (Fascinating Facts) by Ginjer Clarke

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenSeptember 14, 2021

210 pages

Common information about animals like what they eat or how they look can be found in any animal book. Ginger Clarke’s The Fascinating Animals Book for Kids explains 500 fascinating wild facts about animals to children. It is a complete factual book that includes all animals from  foxes.and spiders to snakes and scorpions. Packed with beautiful pictures, it is an intriguing read. For kids it can be both entertainment and learning

3 Deadliest!: 20 Dangerous Animals (Extreme Animals by Steve Jenkins

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenOctober 10, 2017

40 pages

As the name suggests , it includes descriptions and details of wildest animals. It is known for its high visual appeal. It includes clear, each and every detail of all those threatening animals present on earth. Simple and easy to read, it gives fascinating information about animals. In addition to illustration, facts and figures, there are infographics. The infographics give a complete overview of an animal.

4. Ocean Animals for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Whales, Sharks, and Other Marine Life by Bethanie Hestermann and Josh Hestermann

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenApril 6, 2021

76 pages

Bethanie and Josh take children to the ocean world through Ocean Animals for Kids. It is a fascinating read about ocean animals. It gives a complete description and information about ocean animals like sea spiders, sponges, penguins, and polarbears. It also makes children understand ocean science like tides, current, climate and how they work.  In addition, it includes interesting facts about ocean animals.

5. The Fantastic World of Baby Animals – A Children’s Book about Lion Cubs, Seal Pups, Ducklings, Piglets, Puppies, Kittens and more… An Adorable and Educational Animal Fun Fact Book for Kids of All Ages by Jackie Noble 

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenFebruary 28, 2022

48 pages

Jackie Noble is an animal expert .The Fantastic World of Baby Animals shows  his expertise of not only being an animal expert but also as a writer. If you want to make your children learn about animals from an educational point of view or something that would inspire them to read more about animals, then Jackie Noble’s book is the best option. It includes all unique and interesting facts about animals’ babies. Children will learn how to identify animal babies, their variance in size and shape, on which part of the world they live, and much more. It also encourages children to be more affectionate and loving towards animals.

6. National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia 2nd edition: 2,500 Animals with Photos, Maps, and More! Fake Out!: Animals That Play Tricks by Nation Geographers

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenSeptember 28, 2021

304 pages

If you are looking for an extensive nonfiction animal book for your kid, then National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia is a good option to go for. It covers more than 20,000 animal species’ descriptions. It has more than a thousand fascinating pictures and  maps. It gives detailed information about animals’ habitat, lifecycles, diet, and babies, etc. All the information given in the book is accurate and up to date. It is an easy, fun, and complete read for children about animals

7. Animals: Creatures of the Wild (The Foundations of Science) by Timothy Polnaszek Ph.D

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenApril 27, 2021

136 pages

Books let you travel without moving your feet. This is what Animals: Creatures of the Wild does. It takes you on a tour of the animal kingdom. Mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, it gives an overview of all animal species.It explores animals’ habitat, hunting styles, way of living in a herd, etc. It is often used in elementary grade schools. It is a delightful and insightful read about animals for children. The unique fun facts about animals makes it more interesting and intriguing.

8. Big Cats (A Day in the Life): What Do Lions, Tigers, and Panthers Get up to All Day? by Tyus D. Williams and Neon Squid

Nonfiction Animals Books for ChildrenApril 5, 2022

48 pages 

Children’s love cats. Also, you  can pet some cats. However, when it comes to wild cats like leopard, cheetahs, you can only read about them in books. Big Cats ( A Day in the Life) is an intriguing read for children about wild cats. All the information is given through a narrative of  a cat. The authors, through the cat, explain the everyday activities like hunting of leopards, cheetahs , and other animals. Further, it gives an easy and simple explanation of some science phenomena, related to these cats. Packed with fun facts and beautifully illustrations, it appeals to children’s imagination.

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