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How Nonfiction can Help in Growth and Self Improvement?

Books in general are the greatest source of growth and self improvement. The coming age is technology and social media, however, I think books will always remain the tool to excel. With the progress of literature, nonfiction books are becoming more and more common. Now you can find a nonfiction book on any topic from any field. The thing I like about nonfiction books is practicality and authenticity. Many of them help you think critically, how to develop a skill, or how to overcome a problem. Besides, your all time reliable source of knowledge.

For instance, Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People can assist you adopt healthy habits. Similarly, history and science books provide a treasure of knowledge related to relative fields. For example, Harari’s Sapiens would take your knowledge of human evolution to the next level. To be updated in terms of knowledge and skills are the key symptoms of self growth, and nonfiction books provide both these opportunities. 

There are numerous ways to ensure self growth and development. Similarly, the standards of judging the growth vary from person to person. There is no hard and false rule. Nevertheless, reading nonfiction books can add a few positive changes to your personality. I am gonna write down a few positive changes that I felt were improving my personality while adopting a habit of reading nonfiction.

Why Nonfiction Books Are More Important Than Ever?

1۔  Providing Knowledge 

In order to grow and improve, first of all you need knowledge. Nothing is possible without knowledge. Personality growth above all, requires knowledge of the practical world. Whether it’s science, arts or anything. You have to have a grip on knowledge. For instance, if you want to become an  entrepreneur or want to start a business, first, you have to read and understand them. There are tons of nonfiction books available that will provide answers to all your questions. From the process of starting to adopting the attitude of a businessman/woman, nonfiction books will help. Similarly, to improve yourself, you have to improve your communication skills. Before practicing communication skills, you need the knowledge, which you can get through world’s genius authors’ books. 

Develops Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking is a key to improvement and progress. In order to develop critical thinking ability, it is essential to feed your mind with innovative ideas and diverse knowledge. Nonfiction books are the reservoir of great and complex ideas. Besides, the development of thought or argument is presented in a logistical way. Reading nonfiction books can unconsciously develop your ability of thinking critically. For instance, you can take help of Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, it provides you with all practical knowledge. 

Developing Communication Skills

 In order to communicate your message, it is really important to have good communication skills. Also, communication skills are the must have skills to have in any field. Unfortunately, most of our education systems fail to provide enough opportunities to develop them. However, nonfiction books can be our savior and improve our communication skills. Books in general have an impact on communication skills but there are books available based on studies that provide possible ways to improve communication skills. All knowledge is practical and most of the time proven. Many of the books available are written by highly acclaimed public speakers. To name a few, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High.

Builds sympathy and understanding towards Diversity

Well, it’s true that nonfiction books talk about big ideas and skills. Also, it helps you grow professionally. However, nonfiction can build sympathy and help us understand humans and cultures from other parts of the world. Nonfiction written about other cultures and injustices in an unbiased manner, makes the world feel humanity in a fundamental way. Narrating the history in its most raw form is the purpose of nonfiction history. Similarly nonfiction books present diversity in many perspectives, not just in one frame. Both objectivity and diverse perspectives bring harmony and peace in the world. I truly believe that  feeling sympathetic and trying to understand others are the essentials of human growth.

Reasons And Ways Of Annotating Books


Nonfiction books can help you develop in many ways. Depending on the type of books  you are reading, they  can add many positive changes to your personality. Written above are the few benefits I got and I feel others too can get. 


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