The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley

There is a continuous hype in the number of diabetic patients everyday.The situation is alarming. Medications are an obvious help but diet control is a major issue. It can be frustrating and tiresome. However, recently I came across  this book, The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley and I was astonished. I didn’t believe in it but then I read reviews and people were really happy with the results. 

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Believe me, this book is not just a shortcut to cure your diabetes but rather a way of a healthy lifestyle. It outlines how in a very healthy way, you can satisfy your cravings without putting your health in danger for being a diabetic patient. Besides, the best thing about The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet is its scientific grounding. At times Dr Michael gives scientific evidence. My point of interest was the awareness about how you can not only reverse the diabetic journey but how you can prevent it. 

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One of the reasons why this book has been highly appreciated is because of enlightening views related to diabetes-2. Moreover, there is good news for foodies too. The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet tells you about all healthy yet tasty food, too. It may seem idealistic but they are practical. Whoever is serious about their health and would like to adopt a healthy lifestyle should definitely give it a try. 

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As the book name suggests, it gives you an 8 weeks diet plan which will help you to recover from the diabetes along with the medicines. In addition, the book imparts significant knowledge related to healthcare. Dr. Michael draws on his personal experience of being diabetic and works of a famous expert of diabetic disease, Dr. Roy Taylor. The book can be really of great help for diabetic people to bring back their life to normal. Above all, you will also get recipes of food to cook at home. 

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As said earlier, it includes a practical plan. You can include it as part of your daily routine. Such books can be really boring and too idealistic otherwise, but thanks to Dr Michael, he has made it all fun and simple. My heart goes out for all people who are suffering from diabetes, I would highly suggest it to them. Yet, judge your health and condition before taking the actions. Maybe, it does not suit your current health condition. Be careful. 

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