The Impact of Audio Books on the Nonfiction Book industry

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Writing and publishing books have become much easier than before. Technology has made it simpler and accessible for everyone. Anyone can write and share their opinion or story. Various types  software are available to edit the content in any way you want. Similarly, advanced print machines further help a writer to spread the book worldwide. Though printing books are still in, a huge number of readers are turning towards audio books. First, there were hard copies, then people turned to soft copies, and now the audience prioritizes audio books over the rest of forms. 

Adaptation of digital forms has a great impact on the book industry, and particularly nonfiction books industry. The progress and facts, up till now is suggesting positive influence. I believe accessibility plays an important role in the rise of any industry whether its books or something else.  Most people are not into reading habits but they try to keep themselves updated in a sense of knowledge. The interesting thing about nonfiction books is that they provide information. So those who are interested in getting knowledge find audio books a shortcut.

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Writers around the globe publish books every year or rather every month. At first, it will be available to the writer’s community or the publishing area. However, if the writer shares it in the form of an audio book, a large number of readers will get access in a short time. Similarly, the accessibility of hard copies uplifts the writer’s profit. Besides, some books get banned in a certain country and are not available in traditional hard form, however, audio books in such a situation  will ensure the reach to a large spectrum, including the country where it is banned. Overall, audio books  have and will expand the nonfiction book industry.

Among many reasons, I feel two factors associated with audiobooks will positively impact the nonfiction industry. 

1.Increase in Accessibility

Noam Chomsky is well known for his ideas. Around the globe people love to read his books. Though his books are available world wide, people face difficulty of accessibility. However, audio books have made it convenient for readers. Previously, it used to take time to spread the copies and not everyone could afford to buy. In the present time, audio books apps are available, some require subscription whereas some do not. Some of them are even available on YouTube. Thus, easily, sitting on the couch, everyone can listen to them. Besides, the covid 19 has further added to the usage of audio books. People have developed reading habits to pass the time, and now in the case of audio books, they are more easily available. Consequently, the ratio and intensity of reading habits will further increase. This  increase will raise the demand for nonfiction books. We can explicitly infer that audio books will have a positive impact on the nonfiction book industry.

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2.Increase in Profit

Profit plays a great role in the progress of an industry. Normal observation suggests the decline of reading habits. However, if we take into account audiobooks, people’s reading habits will increase in the near future, asking for more nonfiction books in the form of audiobooks. The nonfiction book industry will focus more on audiobooks production, since the coming age is of advanced technology.  Moreover, it’s more convenient to put on headphones and listen to an audiobook than reading a book. In the former case, the reader can easily divert his attention to the book whereas in the latter case,  it would be hard to concentrate.

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Convenience and profit are the two leading causes of increase in audiobooks listening. Both are dependent on each other. With the rise of audiobooks, the nonfiction book industry will uplift.  Audiobooks will topple down the production of hard copies, but the industry can adopt alternate ways, more common among readers. 

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