The love interest by Cale Dietrich 

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The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich is a good book to kill your free time, particularly if you are into romance. It’s a typical romantic novel with a love triangle, however, it’s more of parody and satire on stereotypical love stories. Story of two spies aiming for one girl makes it an adventurous story, yet the humor topping molds it into a funny read.

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The story plays with your nerves continuously, because of tension and conflict between the characters, but since it’s a parody of young adult romantic novels, it constantly pokes fun at those conflicts, making it a light read.  Highly intriguing, the story takes so many turns and twists and the end is the biggest turn ever taken. I bet you would have never expected it. You can hate everything about the story but not the end. Even negative reviewers have appreciated it. Apparently seems to be a boring, stereotypical love story but once you step into it, only the ending can release you from the spell. 

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Above all, there is a realistic touch in the whole plot. At first, I thought it’s just gonna be a romantic entertainment read with no touch of reality , nonetheless, it turned out different.Though it has its own shortcomings, the story as a whole serves a good source of entertainment.  

Without giving any spoilers, The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich is about two spies, Caden and Dylan. Both work as agents of a secret organization. Their mission is to seduce a girl named Juliet and whoever fails will be sentenced to death. You may predict the whole story from this short  review of The Love Interest but believe me, the end is totally opposite. A completely different stance taken by the author Cale Dietrich towards such common love type stories. Even the characters’ presentation is also unique. Caden is a nice guy yet clever and Dylan is bad yet sweet.


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Readers have really different feelings towards the book. On different platforms, you will see positive to negative reviews. It depends on the reader’s psyche and taste. However, for me it was good. The story, the author’s stance, and the characters. Though, there were certain aspects which reduced the impact of the story which would have been much better otherwise. The organization of the plot as a whole has loopholes. Addition of Dylan narrative would have further made the story more authentic and narration strong.  Still, I would say it’s a good read and we should give it a chance. 

Before reading this book, I read a few reviews but I would suggest you to go with an open mind and experience what it offers you.  You can only know the difference between a good and bad book once you read it. 


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