The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford 

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The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford is a marvelous novel about love and trauma of generations. Reading it is like moving on an emotional journey, making peace with your weaknesses and pain. It discusses mental illness and psychology by embedding the theme of generational loss and grief. Heartbreaking, the novel illustrates the passing of pain and depression from parents to children. 

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In this regard, I think the writer has done a very good job. Children  are innocent but we through our experiences and attitudes shape them, making them miserable. The interesting thing about the novel is the take of mother, an alternate and healthy attitude to relieve your pain in order to stop this generational passing of trauma. Besides, the novel illuminates the idea of a pleasant present by making peace with the past. Most of us, either dwell in the past or try to ignore it fully, however, we need to accept our past in order to move on. 

Jamie Ford has done a wonderful job in writing this novel The Many Daughters of Afong Moy. It is intriguing, emotional, and inspirational. The narrative technique of moving back and forth between past and present. I enjoyed every bit of it and would highly recommend it because of its storyline.


The story is much more complex and no matter how much details I give in this review, you will fully understand it once you read it. The story at first focuses on Dorothy’s life who is suffering from mental illness meanwhile affecting her daughter. The mystery starts to open when she decides to undergo an experimental treatment. Exploring her consciousness, readers get to know a new world and array of characters. In this study  of Dorothy’s consciousness all the story lies.There are so many stories tied up to Dorothy’s life. 

From the reviews you can have the idea, and I can also assure you that the story is very much different than those you usually come across. Secondly, the trauma, pain, and loss may seem different, nevertheless, we all suffer from family trauma and often see it passing from generation to generation.It is all relatable for every one of us.  

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Plot construction and character development is also good enough. However, while reading The Many Daughters of Afong Moy, at times I found the narrations too long, especially the start. Similarly, the characters and story in the middle get too complex and become difficult to follow up.  Still, the story is good enough to overcome all these shortcomings.

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