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The One by Kiera Cass – what a wonderful read. Totally worthy of your time. The One by Kiera Cass is  a dystopian romance novel which will leave you in tears. An emotionally satisfying read with an intriguing plot. It’s a part of the series, but still you can read this without having prior knowledge of the whole series. 

Neither too much fantasy nor black and white characters, it’s an amalgamation of both good and bad and strong and weak. I found it much more entertaining than shows Like Hunger Games and Divergent. Besides, if you are a fan of such shows and movies then you won’t want to miss it. Though a dystopian novel, it is realistic in tone. 

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Full of romance, adventure,  struggle, justice and injustice, it is based on a complex story plot. However, Kiera Cass has written it in such a way that any reader can understand it without putting much effort.

The story revolves around an American singer, who is brave and fierce and Maxon Prince, who is looking for a wife. Along with them, there are thirty-four other girls, dreaming of becoming the wife of the Maxon Prince. In this apparently love story of both the characters, you will experience the ordinary and royal life of America. Elements of real American life are portrayed in an awesome way. In addition, there are much deeper things to contemplate on, and which you can only know  if you read the novel. Plot and events construction was fair enough to keep you turning the pages. Throughout the story, readers experience different emotions, which I feel is not common in other such novels.

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Story is set realistically, the characters are gray, and the story is engrossing. However, one thing that was missing was a deeper touch in the events. There were instances in the novel, where I felt,  could have been more convincing if they were written in a more detailed pattern. At times some content seems missing. 

It was not just me but found the same issue in others reviews too. Still, I would recommend it to others and will delightfully read it again. The story as whole, and the genre to which it belongs makes it a good choice to pick this winter.

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