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The Romance of Tristan and Iseult by J. Bédier

Maybe your first encounter with The Romance of Tristan and Iseult by J. Bédier love story was Wagner’s opera but let me tell you about the best adopted work of this mythical tale. I have seen many adapted movies and works of the Tristan and Iseult love story but this one was superior to all. Perfectly added all essentials and presented in a well balanced way.

Taking you to the world of both the lovers, the translation is very much adequate. From gothic elements to romance all suit the original love tale. It also resembles the love story of Arthur and Guinevere but it’s a more mature and well written story.

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 For me, it’s a more philosophical read addressing some essential questions of being a human. In addition, the great thing I admire about this adopted version is the presence and adoption of all magical and gothic elements, previously present in the original mythical story. 

Once you start reading it, you find yourself completely cutoff from the real world and find two lovers surrounded by all magical spells and monstrous dragons. Literature is all up to interpretation, there is much depth about this apparently romantic story of knight and queen.  How once you fall in love, no magic spells can stop you from loving someone. It’s a hopeless but at the same time brave read. 

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If you are a newbie then there is no doubt why you should read it. However, for a person like me who already knows the story should also go for it. This adopted version of J.Bedier illuminates numerous aspects which are usually missing in other versions. 

Coming to the story, it is a story of a knight, Tristan and his beloved Isuelt, engaged to the king under the effect of sorcery. Because of black magic they are unable to unite but are madly in love.  How far they would go for love and what their fate has for them. There are elements of adultery and lusts, too.

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As I said earlier in this review of The Romance of Tristan and Isolde, it has all the elements of original work. Besides, the language  is antique but very much familiar, easy to understand. The intriguing factor is also there,  taking the reader to the end of the story. 

Similarly, the story is not limited to a surface romance but to a deep philosophical interpretation. Everything is delicately linked, leaving no loopholes. For me, there was no such thing that could have changed my mind or why one should not read it.  In addition, it improves your knowledge of myths and chivalric times. Highly recommended for everyone. 

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