Top 10 Nonfiction viking books 

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Vikings are not only part of our fantasy but also part of our real history. Vikings existed from the late 8th century to the eleventh century as powerful warriors, curious explorers and ambitious merchants. Robbing and fighting , they ruled Europe for so many years. The age to which they belong is called Viking age  and they are often called Norsemen.This article contains Top 10 Nonfiction viking books 

 Their history is extensively packed with mythical stories. The portrayal of vikings is often full of romanticism and imagination. However, there are books which, along the fancy factor, add historical facts to the portrayal of vikings. We have made a list of some interesting nonfiction viking books for people who want to engross themselves with the world of vikings. It includes Viking books for both newbies and refreshers.

Top 10 Nonfiction viking books

1. The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth   

Top 10 Nonfiction viking books March 1, 2016

Pages  328

A great introductory book for beginners to the Viking’s world. Surrounded by a large sum of books about vikings, which often fails to differentiate between facts and fiction, Ander Winroth’s The Age of the Viking helps you get factual information about the Vikings. It explores the adventurous life of viking’s warriors, however, the book is more devoted to their political and social life. It encompassses the evolution of vikings’ art, religion, and  literature evolution. It has a sharp and compelling style, supported by archeological and historical evidence. 

2. The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings by Lars Brownworth  

Top 10 Nonfiction viking books December 24, 2014

Pages 300

The Sea Wolves; A History of the Vikings by Lars Branswoth is a good start for newbies to the history of vikings. It covers vikings history from all perspectives through tales of warriors. It gives in depth details of vikings’ epic poets, warriors, and heroes through their well known  figures like Leif who discovered the new world and Ragnor Ladbrok, the curse of france. It includes descriptions of various Viking adventures, from Vinland to Volga and Arctic to Africa.  It provides a comprehensive read. The in depth analysis makes it a fine read for refreshers, too.

3. The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood  

Top 10 Nonfiction viking books September 1, 1995

Pages 144

Norsemen are known for their wars. However, other than warriors, they were successful merchants and travelers. They also have social and political life. The penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings gives a more general idea of vikings life history. It includes an explanation of their professional and personal life. It lacks the in-depth details of vikings’ history. However, it is fully packed with maps and colorful pictures. With every action and event taking place, it gives you a bright photo. Reading history can sometimes be dry but John Haywood’s writing style makes his book an intriguing read.


4. The Vikings by Else Roesdahl 

January 1, 1999

368 pages 

The Vikings by Else Roesdahl is so far regarded the best one by readers. It gives you a complete description of  a remarkable civilization.  It gives details of vikings’ adventurers and conquests. Besides, it describes vikings’ art,  kingship, old customs, brutal class division, and family life. Further, every theme is discussed with full depth and details. Full of references, it is a scholarly read. There are also black white maps, drawings, and photos. It is comprehensible and easy to read.  An easy and in depth read for beginners to step into vikings’ world.

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5. The Viking World by James Graham-Campbell 

November 1, 2013

208 pages

If you are looking for a more updated and coloured book with maps, drawings, and pictures then The Viking World by James Graham Campell is for you. Like those books mentioned above, it  gives a full view of the Viking world. The good things about this book are those colorful maps and pictures. They don’t let the readers lose their track. It is a good start for a newbie. 


6.  The Viking Spirit: An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion by Daniel McCoy  

Top 10 Nonfiction viking books June 1, 2016

317 pages

Religion has a great influence on its followers. Most of our myths and tales are rooted in religion. The Viking Spirit is about Norse mythology and religion. It is an entertaining read about the gods and goddesses of vikings. What they believed in, what was their concept of reality and nature, and the aftermath of life. The book includes more than 34 mythical tales. All the information given is supported by evidence.  The simple and easy style makes it a good introduction book to Norse mythology.

7. Viking Age: Everyday Life During the Extraordinary Era of the Norsemen by Kirsten Wolf

November 5, 2013

272 pages

Vikings are known for their adventures. Many books have devoted their focus on those adventures. Viking Age: Everyday Life During the Extraordinary Era of the Norsemen by Kirstein Wolf  focuses on the domestic life of Norseman. How was their family relations and how was their attitude toward  others in society. Besides, it also analyzes vikings’ relation with other nations and cultures. In addition, there are pictures of towns, buildings, and shops  in the book. 

8. The Viking World, edited by Stefan Brink and Neil Price

August 9, 2011

744 pages

The Viking World by Stefan and Neil primarily serves academic purposes. It combines a wide range of research from various disciplines like archeology, philosophy, comparative religion,cultural geography and many more. Each chapter serves as a critical essay of each theme. The themes included are vikings’ economy, language, beliefs, and warfare. The book is full of interesting information. Its  scholarly style makes it more appealing for academic audiences.

9. Viking Age Iceland by Jesse L. Byock

September 1, 2001

447 pages

Normens were one of those first ones  who settled in iceland. They left their home countries and settled there. Viking Age Iceland by Jesse L. Byock shows the Norseman as an independent people and state, with no warriors or kings. From their arrival to complete settlement, it gives full detail of Icelandic scandinavians. It explores Norsemen life on  iceland; farming, feasting, marriage, women’s role, and religion. Combining history, archeology, and anthropology, it contains  interesting information that is hard to find elsewhere.

10.  The Sagas of Icelanders by Robert Kellogg

March 1, 2001

848 pages

The Sagas of Icelanders by  Robert Kellogg comprises Vikings’  literary tales. It depicts the life of vikings through modern realism. The ten sagas and seven tales includes the famous Vinland Saga; Leif enterprising voyage to the New World. Other than authoritative texts, it includes introductions and notes by prominent and peer researchers. It serves as a great introductory book to the Icelandic sagas  as a genre. 

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