Top 12 Rockstar Romance Books That Hit All the Right Notes

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We all have been fascinated by fictional love stories especially by Rockstar romances at a certain stage of our lives. Sometimes, it stays for a lifetime. It might be impossible to have that sizzling love in real life but who cares when you have novels and books readily available. With writers around the globe who can provide you stories with a variety of themes and characters, there is no need to bother about the possibility in reality. Here we will introduce you to Top 12 Rockstar Romance Books .Just dream and immerse yourself in their world with perfect heroes and heroines without bothering and expecting anything from others.

So if you are unable to figure out the best from the treasure available on Rockstar romances, then no need to worry. We have made a list of the best books and novels available on Rockstar romances with tip top heroes and heroines in it. Just browse and pick your favorites. All the best.

1.Midnight Blue by L.J.Shen

Midnight Blue by L.J.ShenMidnight Blue is a slow-burn Rockstar romance story. The story begins with the heartbreak of addicted Alex, the Rockstar guy, by his girlfriend and bestfriend. Struggling to overcome the addiction of drinking and girlfriend, he starts on a tour with a babysitter, Indigo Emally, hired by his agent. Alex needs a sobriety companion whereas Indigo needs money for her family. However, as the story and the tour progresses, it becomes too much for both to resist each other. It is a carefully crafted love story that will make your heart race. 

2.Drive by Kate Stewart

Drive by Kate StewartKate Stewart’s Drive is more than cliché Rockstar romance stories. It is a story of strong passion and determination which makes one endure unimaginable pain. It is a story of a courageous woman, Stella with a strong desire for music. However, she is torn between the love of two men. With a successful, smooth running life she is suddenly exposed to unimaginable suffering. Kate Stewart with her storytelling skills fully immerse you in the story that it becomes difficult to come out of the trauma of characters. This one requires strong nerves, so be cautious before picking it up. 

3.Lovely Madness by Jane Diamond

Lovely Madness by Jane DiamondLovely Madness is a heartwarming love story of a musician Cary and his assistant, Taylor. Nevertheless, the story deserves praise for highlighting mental issues like anxiety and mental trauma. Cary suffers from extreme anxiety but Taylor, his assistant with care and love tries to help him. But would she be able or would Cary let her help him? Read this sensitive yet cute romance story if you love reading Rockstar romances. 

4.Halo by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine 

Halo by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine Once you start reading Halo, there is no going back. Those cute romantic moments will haunt you at night. Halo follows the love story of a new lead singer, Halo and lead guitarist of the band, Viper. Halo joins the NBD band as a lead singer but soon realizes that somebody is already obsessed with him. Unfortunately, Halo is straight. Will Viper give up or make Halo turn around, who knows. Read this enchanting cute story to find whether they will make it or not. 

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5.Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead by Kylie ScottThird one from Drive series, Lead is absolutely phenomenal among all. It starts with all drugs and partying of lead musician Jimmy, however, he soon gets a wakeup call from PR. Made to stay in a rehab with a new assistant, Lena. Lena is all professional with no space for any kind of relationship, Jimmy, on the contrary, is all set to catch up with her. Both are too stubborn to give up but one has to step down, but who will be that one person? Highly recommended love story of two stubborn lovers.

6.Stripped by Alexis Anne

Stripped by Alexis AnneAlexis Anne’s Stripped is a sizzling hot romantic story of two singers with extremely opposite tendencies. With no nerves to stand each other, a fortunate opportunity takes both, Travis and Kristine fall in love with each other. With cute romantic scenes, Stripped is a must add to your Rockstar romance novels. 

7.Rock and Roll Love stories by Gill Paul

Rock and Roll Love stories by Gill PaulRock and Roll Love Stories peeps into some of the most vibrant and passionate couples of the music industry. From where and how their romance began and what are the odds it went through. Starting from the 1950s, Gill takes the readers all through up to 2000s. It includes both the famous and infamous love stories of rock stars. So, fasten your seatbelt because it will take you on a roller coaster of emotions but it’s all worth it. 

8.Catch me When I fall by  A.L. Jackson

Catch me When I fall by  A.L. JacksonCatch me When I Fall is a story of a lonely hardworking singer, Carolina George. Tired of being always on the run from one concert to another, one day she falls in the arms of a stranger. With no idea, he becomes the love of her life, however, life has other plans for her. How will she make it to him? Read this glamorous rock star romance to satiate your thirst for such stories. 

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9.Love Defined by Kelli McCracken

Love Defined by Kelli McCrackenPart of the Rock N Roll series, Love Defined presents the tug of war between Mia and Darius; who is going to inherit the Music Heaven legacy. Apparently in a clash, both have undeniable feelings for each other. Their hearts race once they come in close territory with each other. However, no one is ready to accept the fact. An absolutely charming story for die heart fans of rockstar romance.

10.Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass by Olivia CunningBackstage is an erotic love story of a psychologist, Mary Evans and a lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair. Mary went on a trip with a band, Sinners for her project. As sexy and attractive she is, everyone tries to seduce her, however, Brian becomes the only one to impress her. The story is different in terms of unconventional characters, as Mary is not interested in long term relations whereas Brian is ready for lifetime commitment. As poles apart in life plans, how will they sort out their relationship? Recommended for all fans of Rockstar hot romance. 

11.Lilac by B.B. Reid

Lilac by B.B. ReidB.B. Reid’s Lilac is a lovely reverse-harem story. The story begins when a very famous band loses their lead guitarist but Braxton Fawn enters  as a savior of the band. However, despite being talented, she is hated by most of the band members. They try to embarrass her at every point yet she is not ready to give up , but how long. Who is going to save her? Lilac is the best novel available to satiate your thirst for reverse harem stories. 

12.As Dust Dances by Samantha Young

As Dust Dances by Samantha YoungWritten by New York Times bestseller, As Dust Dances narrates a story of famous female singer, Skyler Finch. Destroyed by unfathomable fame she is compelled to live in the streets. In a nutshell, trying hard to survive. However, once again, life knocks at her door when Killian o’ Drea enters into her life. He tries to take her back to music and singing. Trapped in the past and worried about the future, what would Skyler do? Would Killian love be strong enough to convince her to step in for one more time. Rockstar romance lovers must read it for once in a lifetime. 

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