Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

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Ugly Love is the best ever book Colleen Hoover has ever written. Like a spell, its story takes you to a completely different realm. When I read this novel, it took me some time to recover from it. The end causes sweet pain but at the same time makes you rejoice for the characters. Colleen, with her amazing writing style, makes you so immersed in the story that you find yourself completely cut off from the outer world. Similarly, it provokes so many emotions at the same time that it becomes really hard to describe your feelings.

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For me, among all her novels, Ugly Love was a more mature read both from story and writing style wise. The best for me was the lack of tiresome long narrations.The story specifically is relevant to all of us. From the title, Ugly Love we all can guess pretty well the tone of the story. Real love is not that simple and easy, it’s complicated. Besides, it is not always sweet and pretty, at times it becomes the very bitter thing of life to swallow and the most ugly thing to bear. But that’s how life is. The more we come closer to things, the more ugly they become. Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover through an apparently ordinary love story of two young people makes us realize the extraordinary aspects of life.

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Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover  is a story of two young adults, Tate and Milon. Apparently having no interest in each other, Tate and Milon get into a relationship  with lots of dos and don’ts. Without spoiling the story for you, the story progression is entirely different from the expected beginning.  Starting in a style of  simple quintessential love story, characters are much more unique and original. As compared to her other novels, characters of Ugly Love are compelling and realistic. 

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I read the novel in one complete go. Sounds untrue, but even when I was reading the reviews most of the people have read it in one go. The story is like an appetizer that feeds your curiosity.  The appealing thing about this novel is the intriguing plot construction and absence of long narration. All the events are relevant and up to the point. Readers don’t feel lost and keep turning the pages. The only bugging thing was more than enough intimating episodes. The story could have a much stronger impact than it has already. The rest  of the plot construction is superb. If you have read previous novels of Colleen Hoover, you really see the change in style and tone of the writer, too. Overall, it’s a great experience worth your time. 


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