Why Nonfiction Books are More Important than Ever?

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Fiction books can be your source to escape reality, however, nonfiction books can be your  source to accept and enjoy reality. Depending on my mood, I enjoy both fiction and nonfiction. I feel like human beings are more wired to understand things through stories and  no one can serve the purpose better than fictional stories. Though fiction books can be at times inspired by true events, nonfictional books are huge treasures of knowledge and truth. You can complain about anything related to nonfiction, from style to content, but you can never deny the truth in it. 

I am personally very fond of its style i.e. objective style. In the modern world, where we are surrounded by too much knowledge of everything, and political, social, and religious dogmas, reading nonfiction books has become much more important than it ever was.  Similarly, nonfiction books are mostly supported with evidence making it an authentic source of information. The arguments provided are rational and connected. Besides, nonfiction books serve as a mirror of our present and past reality. Analyzing the present, it also foretells our future, serving as a threatening alarm.

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In this rapidly changing world, reading nonfiction books has become much more important than ever. There are innumerable reasons Why Nonfiction Books are More Important than Ever but I am gonna put down a few for you. They have served the purpose for me and I hope they do the same for you. 

1.Critical Thinking 

In this 21st century, critical thinking is like oxygen. Your survival chances rise as you enhance and practice more and more critical thinking. Nonfiction books assist in improving your critical thinking faculty. First, it provides diverse knowledge and opinions. Secondly, the arguments are logistically developed and supported by evidence. As evidence is provided, it means it tells you the truth. The issues or the events of history are discussed in such a style that it compels you to think. For instance, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harai is the best ever nonfiction book. It’s an emblem of a highly critical mind. You may not believe in evolution but it challenges you to think and come up with strong arguments. Similarly, many other nonfiction books challenge our irrational beliefs and favor critical thinking. If you still don’t think critically- advanced and upgraded world- your end is near. It’s like your way to becoming the survival of the fittest. 

2.Source of Knowledge 

The world is changing every second. The advancement pace of the world is at its highest. In such a situation it becomes a duty to stay updated and have authentic information. Social media can let you stay updated but social media is full of fake and one-sided information. Rather, I would say, social media further increases the demand for reading nonfiction. Nonfiction books are objective and based on facts; it provides authentic information which you can use for understanding or even presenting your arguments.  Besides, the media presentation of knowledge is manipulated. Thus, nonfiction books are much more important  than they were before.


3.A more informed opinion

Nonfiction books help you develop a more informed opinion. In our everyday life, people pass judgment and opinions with no understanding of the subject. This can lead to insensitivity about serious issues. However, if you have read multiple books about the subjects, covering multiple aspects, based on your judgment, you would be able to give your informed opinion. Besides, giving an informed opinion or suggestion leads toward solution and negotiation rather than conflict. Therefore, nonfiction books should be part of our everyday life. 

4.Learning from others’ experience 

Nothing can teach you better than experience, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. You can obviously learn from your own experiences, however, I feel like this life is too short to learn everything from our own experiences. Nonfiction books like autobiographies or even history books teach you essential lessons about life. The experience of past people through these books warns the present audience like us, about issues and makes us think of alternate ways, developing our critical thinking. Nonfiction books based on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident or world war 1 & 2 inform you about the leading causes and how humanity at every possible cost should avoid them.

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Reading and writing are important parts of human life. If such activities are directed towards better content then they can bring a revolutionary change not only for a person but for the whole of humanity. Nonfiction books in present times seem to be the need. From providing an authentic source of knowledge to developing an informed opinion, fiction books can save you from many dogmas and traps. Making your critical thinking faculty stronger, fiction books help you discover the truth. The tools of manipulation and foreshadowing of the truth, today, are much stronger than before therefore it’s really important to have diverse knowledge and perspective about things.  


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